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From X ray to back the dental assistant ,Plays dentist , VERY loud and pushy . The dentist needs to be present more .

seemed and Felt like I was on a Manufacturing line. I paid A lot of Money to be treated like that. By the way One Day Isn't real ...And Dentist SHOULD check FITTING and do soft liners NOT just Pop In for a "ALL GOOD" .....SO UPSET... This was in the beginning of 2017 ,yes I called BUT I hate to even walk in for another appointment .

I do not want to be treated like that again . This TIOME I will demand to see and be treated BY THE DENTIST...NOT a LADY , OVERSTEPPING her power & authority , and Legal title .

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: service and fit.

Preferred solution: Dentist only .

Affordable Dentures Cons: Dentist leaving me to be fitted by tech while he placed an order.

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You wanted cheap. That is why you went to a sleazy denture mill instead of a regular dentist.

To get cheap, the dentist has to delegate all sorts of things to assistants that HE should be doing personally.

A dentist friend of mine worked for AD for a short time. The ASSISTANTS were trying to tell him which teeth to extract. Very illegal!

Making and maintaining adjusting correctly until patients are satisfied is very time-consuming to do right. That is why dentures cost a lot of money.

Choose one and only one:


Cheap dentures.

2. Good dentures, made with good materials and no steps omitted.


Im noticing that ClydeDDS has been going to ALOT of negative reviews about Affordable Dentures and insulting people for using them.

I would say that ClydeDDS is probably being paid by affordable dentures to sit there and publicly humiliate anyone that posts a negative review about them.

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