I went to affordable dentures in collingswood nj a few years ago and got a full upper plate. I asked if they could be filed a little because they seemed to be real low in the front.

Well the woman seemed aggitated and took them to file & what i was left with was crooked teeth! One side hangs lower then the other, and when i talk you can barely tell i have teeth in. I HATE MY SMILE!!! I paid a little over $1500 in cash that day for extractions and teeth.

. I hate to smile or talk because of the way i look but its not like i have a ton of money to keep goin to get another set, so im left with these crooked teeth!!

ty for nothing Aff. Dent.!!

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I have the same experience with this clinic in Collingswood. My gums bleed and they just forcing to fit the debtures in my mouth.

I should've listen from a couple of customers when they approached me at the parking lot. They said they are very unhappy with the service and the their dentures. I think this clinic aware that their patients are trapped in poverty and can't afford an attorney to suit. I've seen hundreds of complaints on line about Affordable Dentures and there is nothing and no one is doing anything to help.

Ive seen patients video taping themselves and post it on youtube. These patients are sharing their nightmares on websites with Affordable Dentures.

Collingswood, New Jersey, United States #582594

I, too, have had a dreadful experience with Affordable Dentures in W. Collingswood Hts.

A less professional place, I have yet to see. I have been trying to get a partial that was made there to fit for almost a year. To no avail. Whatever you do, go out of your way NOT to go there.

It has been a nightmare. They have no concept of time. Come in at 8, wait for an hour, come back in 2 hours, over and over. I work, and have to take an entire day off!

I talk for a living, but I can't speak properly or, God forbid, eat anything. I was trying to save some money, as I have no dental insurance, but...you get what you pay for. Now, it will cost me more money (that I don't have) to get something that will fit properly. They become exasperated with customers who actually want some quality for what they pay for.

I have come to the realization that they can't make anything quality, no matter how much you complain. They will tell you how wonderful your "great" teeth look, but they DON'T.

I feel your pain! I too,hide my smile.

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