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First let me say I have been to the Affordable dentures in Carrollton, Ga numerous times - never dissatisfied, but Cartersville closer - bib mistake

after spending 2hr20min.for fitting of metal for partial was told to come back at11:00 to try wax impressions-meantime they had kept my upper plate(which was in perfectly good condition when I left it) only to find out they had broken it-now I am back at 2:00, seen at 5:30 upper denture repaired with a different color, so now my upper plate not only is rough in spots but is multicolored -and at this point they decided to tell me I had a bad attitude and had one all day - well duh-they must be given courses in how to irritate their patients, because it only got worse, the dr. decided my attitude was such she did not want to complete the job, so I now have a mylticolored upper plate and no new partial or upper plate which was what I went for - the premium ones - I told the I wanted my money back - well so far have not seen a penny. I highly recommend any other Affordable denture but NOT Cartersville.

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read your post.....why would I, or anyone, hire you ???


The reason you get your dentures at such a cheap cost is cause AffordableDentures screws their employees bad. I have been with Affordable for over 5 years now, with little to no thankx for my talents as a lab tech or my speed. We produce roughly 10-20 sometimes 30 dentures a day between $400-1250 a set depending on style. Yet you know what i get on salary? 32k as a lab tech and thats with bonuses! Add the *** benefits packet to that i might make a total of 36-38k a year if you even use the insurance at all. Which i dont. So lets take 20 sets at average of $600 a set, thats 12k a day. we are open on average lets say 200 work days in a year. so 12k times 200 is 2.4 mill a year. So yea, real close figure cause we made 2.2 last year. We have 2 dentist, 2 desk ax, 3 assistants and 4 lab members but only 2 of us are full technicians. So 11 employees in all. Now lets exclude the dentist and say 9 employees times 32k a year is only $288,000. So either the dentist are over payed, which i know there not cause even the 2nd doc is *** about pay. So lets give the docs 200k each a year. Still thats only 688k total and thats saying both docs make A-lot. Still where is the remaining 1.7 million???? So take what ever number you want from that for over head??? and you got your numbers, now times that by 150+ labs. Still this company is makeing way to much for me to be this under-paid, under-rated and over-looked. To top it off you cant dicuss your pay with each other, so who do you talk to when your regional manager never comes around and when he does all he says is shoot me an email which i have already done with a laughable response. a 2% pay increase!!!!!!! 2 percent for 5 hard working years. O by the way i make 32k NOW!!! thats after that pay raise LOL.

What sucks the most is there are only 3 labs in this town, so to advance my career i need to move, but how do you save anything too move with a wife and 2 kids on 32k salary????? Wish i had never started with them or atleast asked for more money to start with. Untill then as an employee i would say stay away from them, seriously all they want is your money $$$$ they could give a *** less about you as a patient. But still we employees dont get that money so being underpayed like this makes me as a person not care about the patient, all i want to do is finish my work and go home. There once was a time when i loved my career and helping people but untill i get out from under affordables boot thats just a dream.

So Basicly thats what happens to the quality at affordable, they ruin good workers to the point where they dont care cause they are over worked bad and like stated before way underpayed. If they where to start paying their employees what they are worth, odds of it are you would get way better quality dentures and service.

So on your next visit mention this fact maybe even print it and post it on their wall and we might get our point across pleaseing both us employees to better serve and please you the patients...

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