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Most comments are right on. I worked there ,they work you to death barely give you time to go to rest room.

Maybe 15 to 20 mins for lunch. Then work to 6 or later. You can't give the patient the time they need . Try to pressure you to make sales that are not necessarily.

Make patients wait for hours ,will tell everyone to be there at 3 then everyone has to wait. Employees can't take time off for nothing . They just want the almighty dollar the office manager the Lady in front charges what she wants because they get a bonus for collections , really don't care about the patient they want the patient in and out 30 mins or less.

Really need to watch the hygiene of the office about OSHA regulations . The dentist just cares about her personal life the heck with everyone else

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Could have been worse. You could have worked for Aspen. Its pretty much s.o.s, but it couldnt have been as bad as Aspen.

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