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Went to Affordable Dentures in Tucson, Dr. Kevin Givens and left, without dentures or repair

The first words out of his mouth were.........'The problem is'

Then he wanted me to witness the 'problem' that required us to pay for another upper plate for my mother, age 90

When I called, they did not tell me that there would be an x-ray, adding $65 to the bill

I think every dentist should state all possible charges, so the client can consider it all, before departing on a 90 minute drive, wasting $30 in fuel

When they hit me with the additional and undisclosed fee, I backed out on the bottom partial plate and when they started finding problems with the denture, we didn't even have that work done

It seems that Dr. Kevin Givens was determined not to do a repair and he only wanted to sell us a new upper plate

My mother has Alzheimer's disease and she doesn't know when she bought the dentures and both she and I told this guy that, but he kept trying to get her to testify that they were more than 10 years old, so he would have an excuse for selling us a new plate

I see many complaints here and I'm very reluctant to do business with any company which allows their members to run 'bait and switch' operations, because such practices are against the law

The state of Arizona is not doing their job, either

If the dentures are not made well and they make people look like a 'donkey' as one guy said........or they are not level, then we don't need to do business with this affiliated group

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

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I don't know what sort of problems the person who wrote the complaint had. I've been to Dr Givens and I find him to be the most honest, caring, and professional dentist in town! My only complaint is that he doesn't do fillings, cleanings and other dental, because I'd love to send all of my friends to him.

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