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Affordable Dentures, Cathedral City, CA:

My dad needed new dentures, and we went to Affordable Dentures. He selected the mid-priced set.

After many, many visits for adjustments, two new sets of dentures, and countless hours in the waiting room, he might have a good fit. Maybe. He just got the second set today (05/20/2010).

Each time we were there, many customers complained. The complaints were not taken seriously. Once I overheard the receptionist call a customer an "***." This is a very unprofessional company.

The "no appointments" procedure works well for the company, I guess, but is inhumane to customers. Truly inhumane.

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Sorry you were unhappy. I have worked for Affordable Dentures for 15 years.

It is true we don't make appointments, because we offer same day service. At any private practice, you will have several visits to your doctor's office, for impressions, *** try-in, denture try-in, and then you will receive you dentures. The cost, several thousand dollars. I am very sorry the receptionist was so rude and acting so unprofessional.

It is somtimes a wait our all our offices, because are able to make so many dentures for so many, in a short amount time. I hope your next experience will be a nicer one. I will say your Dad's dentures are made from excellent materials. We do not make our dentures from cheap cuts.

All our teeth and materials are of the finest quality. If you feel your Dad was treated unfair, please call 1-800-DENTURE and let someone know.

Our company is very professional and rudeness or speaking to patients like you mentioned is not tollerated. Our patients being treated well has kept us in business for over 30 years.

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