Miami, Florida
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My experience- unnecessary extractions, incomplete patient chart, "loss" of X-ray and charges for services never provided, improper fit of dentures and refusal of dentist to follow up. This is a definite case for the Board of Health.

Dentists are not held to any standard of practice in the way physicians are.

They can basically do (or not do) as they please without any accountability. With the exception of nerve injury or severe infection, patients are left without recourse.

Dental practices under the umbrella of insurance companies are not quite as callous in their treatment of patients. Independent practioners are corrupt and greedy.

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I also visited the Augusta Georgia office the dentist there a Dr Randle Wells fractured my top jaw bone been back several times to get peices of bone taken out was told this past tuesday that no more could be removed and was left with a peice sticking thru my gum and still in pain

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