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i went to affordable dentures in cartersville ga to get a consultation concerning getting an upper and lower partial denture i brought x-rays from my previous dentist which showed everything plain and clear when i handed them they said they had to take their own which kind of made me mad all the trouble i went through to get them i knew then and there it was all about money which i have no insurance so i had to pay them 80 dollars to have some more x-rays taken another problem is i have a big knot on my outer gum on my upper jaw i brought it to the dentist attention never got a response back from her august i was going back to get my partial dentures ive been doing alot of research on line about this knot on my gum which will not allow my dentures to seat properly i just called the office to see if the dentist wrote anything in my chart concerning the knot she wrote nothing i told them i wanted to go to a oral surgern and needed a copy of my x-rays you believe they want to charge me another 35 dollars for a copy after i already paid them 80 dollars greed is what it is i would not recommend this office to my worst enemy

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John N

The dirty little secret is that doctors---including dentists, make alot of money on xrays. The film is very very cheap and they charge you an arm and a leg for them.

This helps pay expenses.

Find another dentist, preferably a guy on his own with but a couple of employees. These large offices are just money-making mills.

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