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The dentist was a real jerk and smelled of alcohol. I had 4 bad teeth and asked what was my best option.

I am fairly young and had damaged teeth from a childhood accident. The dentist told me my best option was full dentures. He pulled out 20 teeth and didn't tell me I had to pay 200.00 a tooth, which meant I had no money left for the dentures that I choose. I got cheap dentures that have been replaced 3 times because they break so easy.

The last pair were made wrong so bad they made my gums bleed and get huge sores. I am now trying to find another dentist that can help me without giving up my first born child.

I also have lost 40 pounds because I can't eat.. Affordable pain and agony is what they should be named.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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So you had "four bad teeth" and their solution was extract them all? Incredible.

It is a rare patient that I cannot save 1 tooth in each quadrant. Extracting all teeth is virtually always a bad idea.No decent dentist wants to work in these high-volume denture clinics. It is the most demeaning job in existance for a licensed dentist. An alcoholic is the best they could do.Sorry pal, it is a lot of work to make a good denture.

ONE well made denture in my office in Dallas costs nearly $2000. Cheap= ***

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