Bluff City, Tennessee
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My wife and I went and had top plates made and when my wife tried the wax set in it looked good and strait and when they made them after all day waiting they put her teeth in and she came over to me and ask how did they look and I said no way we are paying for this, her front teeth was on the side and it had a big tooth in the front, and mine wouldn't stay in and ive wore teeth made for me before from other place and they said me and her would have to use something to glue our teeth in , and they kept on grindin on them, but we told them we wanted our money back, so they said I have to sign a paper stating that I would be able to never come there for any kinda help, so I said ill sign it, you don't know what your doing anyways, and the doctor was rude and so mean to my wife, and tis was at Bluff City Tennessee, affordable dentures, these people was actually going to try and tell us that these teeth looked good and they said whats the problem with them, come on anybody could see that the teeth wasn't made rite and I couldn't even talk with out holding them up with my tounge, and my wife don't have her front teeth on the side of her mouth, and the doctor said she didn't see nothing wrong with them, dumb doctor Arlene

Monetary Loss: $665.

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how many more reviews does it take 2 make up your mind

@jack greystone

what do you mean make up my mind, ive made my mind up, and they don't know what they are doing ,so I went to another place and where I went the people were very nice and treated us like we would treat them, like people not like tn place did,im paying customer and I want my moneys worth not a jacked up job like affordable dent in tn does !!!

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