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They are now ignoring my messages.

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AFFORDABLE DENTURES HOME OFFICE will not help you. They will keep referring you back to the local office.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS. I ended him with brutal care, sliced up gums and assaulted by the hygenist/tech. If you complain, the dentist will threat to leave you high and dry but still keep half your money! IM GETTING A LAWYER.

On April 21st I went to Affordable Dentures in Weeki Watchee Florida, to have dental impressions done for dentures. I bought the new wearer package for $1190. The package includes: the temporary healing dentures that are only good for 6 months, the permanent denture good for a year, after care treatment plan including the post operative check up and unlimited relines for up to 60 days. (A full set of economy dentures for 1 year alone is $695).

When I went in on April 21st, the Dentist that owns the franchise/practice never saw me once. A technician took the xrays/impressions. I already had swelling and pain prior to the appointment, but needed the impressions done prior to my surgery scheduled with my oral surgeon on April 26th. (My oral surgeon is NOT affiliated with Affordable Dentures).

Or I would have to wait for 6 months after surgery for teeth at all. Which would mean 6 months of a liquid to semiliquid soft food diet. The technician that took the impressions on April 21st was absolutely brutal and rushed. So rushed and heavy handed the she ripped into the corners of my mouth and caused cuts on the inside of my mouth from handing the impression trays inappropriate and fish-hooking the sides of my mouth with her fingers..

The technician that examined me to do the impressions initial spent the first of her time with me, berating me for not using her offices services for my extractions instead of my Oral Surgeon. Even after I explained that Affordable Dentures did not use general anesthesia which I needed, and did not do everything I needed done by my oral surgeon. The technician who is NOT a dentist then started disparaging and berating my oral surgeon, whom she did not even know, stating most oral surgeons will remove teeth and charge for services that are not even needed. When I told her that I trusted the dentist and would not be changing, the technician became even rougher in handling my impressions and opening my mouth.

She left the impression product on my lower teeth for so long she almost couldn’t get it off. She grabbed my swollen jaw with a brutal grip and jerked and rocked the impression trays against my teeth get it out. I was reduced to tears and shaking at this point, and peed myself slightly at the intense pain - as it felt like this simple procedure that should have had minimal discomfort - felt like my teeth had been ripped out. Another man claiming to be the “assistant dentist” came in to do the *** impression who had no compassion at all when I tried to tell him the technician was to rough and brutal.

I went home with bleeding on my gums, the roof of my mouth and the corners of my mouth which never should have happened from simple impressions. When affordable dentures emailed me the review, I sent in that review honestly and reported what had happened. I picked up my dentures on April 25th, before surgery to take with me to surgery for my oral surgeon to set into my mouth immediately after surgery. Which my surgeon did.

The dentures did NOT fit. They were so big my surgeon said even though they are meant to help me meal faster, they are so big that if they hurt to much to take them out. I had to take them out about an hour after i got home. The pain was unbearable as I every time I tried to close my mouth the dentures cut into my lip tissues and the roof of my mouth.

I went back to Affordable Dentures on/or about April 28th for my post op exam. The “assistant” dentist (or technician, I’m not sure which he is) that did the *** impression on the first visit, came in before an exam even took place and told me that because I had given them a bad review and reported my "bad" treatment on the first visit, he threatened to refund HALF my money and kick me out. (I was sitting in the dental chair in pain from surgery and the temporary dentures didn’t fit). I told him I couldn’t because my teeth had already been removed and I had sutures.

It would be impossible for me to go anywhere else to have new teeth done as there was no way to do impressions. At this point after surgery I was so swollen after surgery I could barely move my jaw. I told him the temporaries didn't fit, that they were to big and loose and I hadn't got to wear them yet. They refused to attempt to adjust the temporaries because of swelling and told me to go back to my oral surgeon.

The gentleman said once I was healed enough to try them on for an adjustment they would give me a FREE soft liner but any further complaints would result in all of my services be canceled with only a HALF refund. Period. Because I couldn’t wear the temporaries I ended up with a perforated sinus cavity due to sneezing. Proper fitting dentures COULD have prevented this.

But due to the hole in the sinus cavity through a socket I have to wait to wear my dentures. However, last week I was able to try the dentures on to see if they still did not fit since I still have normal swelling. Even with swelling they don't fit so I had to make an appointment to go back for the reline to my dentist can try to work with me getting them back on after my Oral Surgeon clears me on May 30th. I went back to Affordable Dentures yesterday May 24th and explained this.

The first technician I saw was extremely nice, and gentle. She took her time trying to make the adjustments but she said she was surprised at how badly they fit. They were so big that she wasn't surprised at how badly they'd hurt after surgery. However, they fit so badly that each time she put them in to take a measurement with the paste, they would hit my gums which started getting sore after the 3rd try.

This took so long that the first tech had to go into surgery and 2nd person came in to finish. The 2nd person that came in yesterday was familiar with my complaint and was brutal. She took the upper denture in one hand.. pried my mouth open and slammed in the upper denture so hard the back of my head drove back into the exam tray and the denture scraped a cut into the upper left gum.

I could taste the blood in my mouth and spit some out and of course started crying. She asked me what my problem was! I pushed her had away and spit out the denture and told her she was to rough and could feel she cut my gum! She got very angry and told me she needed to apply pressure to get a reading.

I told her this was beyond pressure that she was being over rough. The technician left and in came the office manager. The office manager told me because of my first complaint from my first visit in April, they were refunding HALF my money and I needed to find someone else for my permanent dentures. They would give me one more adjustment before the end of June on the temporary 6 month denture and that is it.

They would do no more adjustments today because I was obviously still to sore. I told her I was sore because the dentures are to big and don’t fit right and the tech had to keep taking them out an putting them back in. I told her I’ve not been able to wear them once since my surgery. I also told her now I’m in pain because the tech was to rough and cut my gum!

The office manager said they wouldn’t help me further and that i could come back for my reline when I was less sore and then get the soft liner - but I'd have to pay for the soft liner now. (even though they said their was no charge for it on my 2nd visit!). I was given my temporary dentures that don’t fit and told to go to the reception desk because this was the decision of the dentist that owns the practice and it was final. (I have never met him or been examined by him).

At the reception desk to leave, the secretary attempted to force me to sign a statement that the practice had treated me fairly and had done nothing wrong or they wouldn’t refund half my money. I told her I wasn’t not signing that legal document because it had untrue statements in it. The secretary took the statement back to the owner, then came back a few minutes later and the SECRETARY wrote something on the signature line. Then she refunded me half my money and made me leave but refuse to let me see what she'd signed on that paper or let me have MY CARBON copy.

They only refunded me $595. Less then what it costs to buy permanent dentures that were supposed to be included in the cost of the package. I am left with dentures that are to big and do not feet.. and NO TEETH.

I have been on a near liquid diet for almost 30 days because I have no dentures that fit. When I should have had them prior to surgery. I took the dentures to another dentist, Dr Swanson on Thursday May 25th. He said the dentures simply do not fit me and that the *** is so far off there is no way for me eat normaly with them.

The best he could do and get to them fit enough to mash any soft food up and down but that’s its.. and even then, I may still feel pain trying to use them. The only real fix he said would be new impression and new dentures which are extremely expensive and since I’d need new permanent ones in August, trying to get these temporaries to work as best as possible. I had to pay $224 for a reline and soft liner of the upper denture.

And will have to pay for a soft liner next week for the lower denture. The dentures are so much TO BIG for me this would be the only way to alleviate pain while wearing them. Affordable dentures never gave me the soft liner they promised. I had to pay another dentist to have it done.

I need help. It is not okay for me to be brutalized by ticked off technicians or hygienist’s. I am really bothered that I have terrorized and demeaned by these people. I have now spent $595 on a 6 month temporary denture I cannot wear because it is to big.

Further, the dentist himself never once examined me - even for my post op exam. As of May 31st, i have spent an ADDITIONAL $450 with another dentist trying to make the temporaries fit.

So ive spent $1000 on temporaries only supposed to last 4 to 6 months!!! In my own dentists words "you are swimming in these dentures, they fit like ***".

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $1600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Assaulted by tech, Dentist tried to intimidate when complained, Caused undo pain and damage, Dentures still dont fit.

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I took mine back to same pla e I got them n got full refund up in Chillicothe Ohio. I'll never go to 1 again.


I went to clear choice of tampa and got the permanent hybrid dentures. I have a beautiful smile, they only come out every 6 months when I go in for a cleaning and my face is retaining its muscle.

NO pastes, NO relines, AND their is very little denture in my mouth.

Just what is needed to support the teeth. that means the roof of my mouth has NO cover on it!


Wow. The Corporate office is doing the same thing to me as well, thats why they treat patients this way.


No dentist owns this place. It is owned by a grubby corporation and private equity investors.

It is VERY illegal for anyone not a dentist to take impressions for dentures, insert dentures, or adjust dentures.

If you are sure of the fact that a non-dentist did it, you need to contact your state board of dentistry immediately. The tech can be arrested for practicing dentistry without a license.

NO DENTIST can make temporary and permanent dentures and adjustments and relines well for the price you were quoted. ONE well-made denture in my practice costs $1800 and it is worth every penny.

You wanted cheap dentures and you got cheap *** dentures. Sorry but it's true.


I can only assume you didn't actually read the complaint. I didn't get the cheap *** dentures. In I never got the permanent dentures at all. So i think you last comment of wanting and getting cheap *** dentures was ignorant and out of line.

What I got were ill fitting, *** made temporaries. According to my dentist temporaries are just that. What you wear while you heal for 2 to 5 months. No matter how cheap they are, the fact is the technicians that took the impressions, or the lab techs making them, did NOT make them correctly and are far to big for my mouth.

Being new to dentures, I wouldn't have a clue first off. Secondly LIKE a few other denture sites they brag about quality. And the fact are more inexpensive because of their in house labs, and the dentures are made on site.

Lastly, being assaullted and mistreated by techs had nothing to do with the price of *** denture. And your ignorant comment of wanting/getting cheap *** dentures seems to say that because my temporaries were SLIGHTLY discounted then normal temporaries, it excuses their behavior?? NO. It does not.


Sorry you had to deal with all that bashing .


ClydeDDS has done this to every single person who has posted about Affordable Dentures. He needs to be removed as he is nasty and likes to belittle people wh have gone through an ordeal. I have reported him 6 times in a half an hour and if anyone else wants to track what he has been doing for themselves and join me in reporting maybe we can get his miserable butt off here sooner.

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