went to affordable dentures in clio, MI and had custom dentures made. cheap junk.

I could've made those in my garage. 595.00dollars. never should've paid until I seen the finished product. I only wear them when I go somewhere, you can't eat with them.

Its true, you get what you pay for. What else can I say nobody has any pride anymore, quality is low , its all about money and greed. Anyway I discovered alot of things you can eat without teeth.

and it taste better. Think twice before going to affordable dentures, you'll be dissapointed.

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After a drunk driver hit me and my daughter I went to Mayo Cinic in Rochester, MN to have my teeth pulled. They decided my teeth which were small and crumbly and had been worked on every couple of months of my adult tooth life until I was 50 were hopeless and they fit me in.

My Mayo dentist recommended affordable dentist and they were AMAZING. It was $450 to have the basic denture made. I would have done it at Mayo, but the extraction dentist was fitting me in and the denture guy did not have an appt. available.

Drunk's insurance was paying for it. Affordable gave me the teeth I always wanted. Great fit although they are bulky now as my gums have shrunk. No probs with the dentist from Mayo who is running the affordable clinic in Rochester.

2 thumbs up. I wanted to go in to get the better ones, but they told me to wait a year as the gums often continue to shrink until then. I will go back.

ps. NO ONE knows they are dentures.


Im sorry about your experience, but an affordable denture clinic is only as good as the dentist that own it. I went to the affordable denture in New Braunfels, and they were awesome to me.

My teeth look amazing and they are still the temporarys. I have even gotten the perms yet.

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