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Went to affordable dentures. Have seen both dentists there now.

The woman who used to run it and the new male dentist. I guess its all about the money with them because my concerns were not only ignored but I paid for the rubbish they gave me. I purchased their ULTIMATE dentures, which are meant to be the top of the line at over $1500, I only got the top denture. They are meant to look more real then their other products.

Don't believe that line. My ULTIMATE denture looks nothing like the ones they show you on there front desk. The temporary they gave me snapped. The next temporary they replaced it with snapped.

Then I got my permanent denture and it snapped. How's that for the high quality gum base they brag about? Their exact words are "..we use a leading acrylic gum base for strength, durability and visual appeal....". Yeah right.

Now I'm onto my second permanent denture within a month. Each time they fitted me I came out with a denture that is crooked. When I smile my denture is not in line with my bottom teeth. So it looks like there is a wedge missing.

They have done this on both the temp and perm dentures. When I take my dentures out, my top gum line is in line with my bottom teeth. I have pointed this out each time and each time they bring out the new dentures looking just the same. So imagine when you smile there is a gap that looks like a greater then sign < in your mouth where the teeth and bottom don't match.

So my real teeth are level and the denture angles up from left to right. Oh and the wait times? Even after setting an appointment I have sat there for over 2 hours past my appointment time waiting. I just love the amount of time I have had to *** work for all this.

Mind boggling. Will never use these people ever again. Oh, and when the dentist, and some of the staff, realize your there to have them fix their mistakes and product quality, then the friendliness goes straight out the door. So I guess I would have put up with the a whole lot from these folks had the provided what was expected, but a crooked denture means you don't want to smile at all because people can tell straight away that what they are seeing doesn't look right.

Makes you feel bad. So thanks for this affordable denture.

Will be getting my next denture from someone that knows what they are doing. Cant afford it so I will wait for these to snap and hopefully I will feel better when I get a denture that is straight and I can feel confident enough again to smile.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: They are at the wrong angle. .

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Store Location: Saint Peters, Missouri

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Your big problem is you are a sucker for advertising. You fell for a chain that has big bucks advertising, instead of going to a competent dentist without the glitzy promo material.

Mark Twain once said that at the beginning of your education, you can pick up a newspaper and not believe any of the advertisements.

By the end of your education, you should be skeptical about most of the news stories as well.

Clearly, it is time to start your education, so you do not get suckered again. Incidentally, a decent denture by a decent dentist using decent materials will cost more than $1500 in most parts of the US

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