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The office I dealt with is located on New Road in Waco , Tex.

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$1000 is entirely too much for a replacement of JUST the bottom ones. I have NEVER even had a lining fixed and complained about it a few weeks before I had them a year.

Now that a puppy got my bottom plate and lost it, I have to pay like I am getting a whole new set? This is NOT affordable when on fixed income!!!!!!

I have asked about payments but that is not an option with this company so how can people get things done if all Unaffordable Dentures wants ALL the money at once and charges way too much for them to begin with? By the way, after a few months they wouldn't stay in my mouth even with lots of adhesive.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $500.

Preferred solution: a discount or payment plan so I can have teethagain! Ones that fit right!.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Originally i liked them but wheni needed a replacement.

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It doesn't matter how you lost your denture. To make a new one, a dentist has to start from the very scratch.

No steps are saved.

FYI, $1000 is very cheap for a single denture. I charge $1800 and many dentists charge way more.

Making a denture right takes at least five appointments. To a person like you, if they charged only $50 for a denture you would be complaining that it was highway robbery.

A prudent person saves during his working days to build enough enough so he does not have to borrow for things like dentures when he gets older.

By the way, I would shoot that *** dog if he chewed up something as expensive as a denture!


first off,I paid over $1500 for the whole set aprox 4 yrs ago. @ weeks short of the first year they were falling out of my mouth.

I tried all sticky stuff to keep them in. I went to the original place to see if they could reline them.NO! They said they NEVER do that before the first year is up. I later found out from one of the employees that before the first year date , it is their money that has to correct anything wrong.

I heal fast and my gums were way smaller than when I started. At that time it was $145 to reline. Now it is $185 for the same thing. I have never had them done yet due to fixed income and not able to afford it.

As for shooting the *** dog, that is not an option. It was my fault for not putting them up correctly and I fell asleep. I don't know where you are located but the town I live in is small as most populations go.

So the soaring prices in a few years are terrible. Thankfully I found another dental place that is goingto do them hopefully and way off that price from "AFFORDABLE DENTURES".


I would like to redirect something --After I had my teeth done I had 3 visits and that is all! I was told all fit fine but if I had a problem please come back.

When I did I was turned away because it wasn't a year yet. My teeth weren't even checked out! I asked could they at least look at them and see if that is the problem. I was told to make another appt.

in about 2or 3 weeks(which btw AFTER the year was up) and then come back.

Poor business ethics is what I see. Hopefully the new one will be better all the way around!


Neither $145 nor $185 will buy you a decent reline. Relines are a lot of work if done right Relines can be done any time, not just at a year.

But if you do them before healing is completed, you will need ANOTHER reline sooner. The place could do a TISSUE CONDITIONER to make the dentures wearable while you were waiting for a reline. That would cost about $210.

When you extract all the teeth and places dentures immediately, they will be loose in no time. That is because the bone slowly changes a lot after teeth are extracted.

Guess why we advise patients to wait minimum of 3 months after extractions to have dentures made? To avoid the problems you are having now.

All these problems are what happens when NO teeth are saved. Patients are always better off with SOME teeth and a partial rather than NO teeth.

Making good dentures take a lot of time. A lot of professional time costs money.

Doesn't matter if your income is small or not. Making the dentures still is costly in time and money.

Guess what? New Obamacare taxes on dental supplies and other government regulations make dental care even more expensive than it should be.


I was advised to have them done and put in right after oral surgery. They put a "soft line" in at about 4 weeks and that was the last I had done till I went in Dec to try to get a reline or another soft line as they called it.

On the price thing, I understand we have to figure in raising the price as supplies are raised but to NOT have some kind of payment plan with a large down payment is not good for customers. Also when people are on fixed income there is little if any help on things like this.

My overall experience with these people has been terrible! Now I have found another one and going to see how they operate.

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