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I went to have a tooth pulled and have a partial denture made. I was left in the room for over an hour then the dentist came in and looked at my teeth and told me that they were all loose and needed to be pulled because they would all fall out eventually.

I had already lost two more teeth to the mystery illness since I had never even had but one filling and my teeth were in good shape I had a hard time understanding his thinking and questioned him repeatedly. He assured me by putting it off I was only delaying the unavoidable . So I paid them 600 dollars and set the appointment for the next day. When I got there a different dentist from another office was in the room and informed me that he was filling in for the other dentist.

They numbed my mouth with several shots and they made sure I felt nothing. However after they had pulled my teeth he stated they were hard to Pull he did not usually pull peoples teeth in that good condition. Then he told me because I had a shallow pallet I would have problems with dentures fitting and would always have to use glue. He then told me that my wisdom teeth were impacted and that they would start to come in later.

The key is he never said anything until after the last of my upper teeth came out. Then I was given a temporary denture to wear. I went back three times for adjustments and felt they resented helping me. My self esteem has suffered greatly and I feel the poor fitting dentures made me look and feel much older than I am.

I never got my problem solved and am currently seeking another dentist to fix their mess.

My wisdom teeth have now started to come in under my already poorly fitting denture adding to my pain and suffering. I would not send a stray dog to this place.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Location: Leeds, Alabama

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John N

What's this about "self esteem?" Stop whining. You appear to be much too young to be so concerned about self esteem.

You should be much more worried about why your teeth were so loose in the first place at your age----you said the wisom teeth had not erupted yet, so I assume you are under age 30 or so. To have more than one loose tooth in your mouth is a symptom of something either physiological----body health-wise---or peridontal disease or even a lack of one or more vitamins or minerals. For examply, a lack of adequate Vitamin C brings on scurvy which causes loose teeth among other problems. In other words, instead of just pulling teeth, you need to find out what is/was wrong with you to cause this oral problem.

A good medical doctor would be a start, as would be another dentist who is not so quick to pull teeth.

You need to get yourself some help and soon. Good luck.

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