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I went there recently and they don't take Medicaid and I'm unsure of any other insurance they may accept. But I would stay away from this place.

This place is a scam!! I found out when I went with my mom yesterday on Nov. 27 for her Free consultation and x-ray appt. Link to my Full Review: https://www.facebook.com/DJHarmonie/posts/554975601514441:0 And I don't appreciate them blocking my experience and my Review on their Facebook Page.

If you have nothing to hide then why are you blocking my review for the public to see? It's a honest review and it deserves to be known. We rated them a 1 Star but if you try to click on the 1 Star Review it won't pull up.

Which doesn't surprise me because we had an awful experience here. They don't know how to treat people right.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: They need to be shut down if they can't stop trying to scam people out of their money. The owner needs to change and there needs to be ethical and trustworthy people who actually care about their customers needs. .

Affordable Dentures Cons: Staff, Workers, No diversity of products or services, Want to just take your money without actually helping you.

Location: 505 Cowan Rd, Gulfport, MS 39507, USA

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Fact is I have had teeth extracted by dentists with a good reputation that wanted to charge for implants. Now I have no way of fixing that. Other pressing priorities.


Of course they wanted to charge for implants. Did you really expect that they would do implants free for you?


Are you really a dentist??


Choose ONE and only 1:

1. Cheap service.


Good service.

If you choose option 1, don't complain about the service being poor.

Of course they don't mess with Medicaid.

Few dentists do. If they did, they would have to provide poor service and still lose money doing it.


Whether they accept Medicaid or not really doesn't matter in this case. But I think you know that.

This case, as you already know, is not about Medicaid or not. So from your post, your agreeing that Affordable Dentures does provide Cheap Service...which is something that I will agree with you. But your reply to number 2 doesn't make sense. But from what you said...You're Stating that if a company is cheap that I should expect poor service.

Well...you and I both know that is not true. No one that goes to a place like Affordable Dentures or any affordable business is defiantly not expecting poor service.

If they knew they were going to get poor service, they wouldn't even go there..and that's whether the business is Affordable or Not. They're expecting good quality service at an affordable price.


Dumb people think places with the name "Affordable" in them will give them quality SERVICES (a denture is a service, not a product) at a price a half to a third the prices elsewhere. This is impossible.

It takes a LOT of time and effort to make good dentures. I have been doing it for over 40 years.


WOW! A dentist with no compassion or caring, calling people stupid?

It’s time for you to get out of the customer care service! Your bitter OBVIOUSLY! I worked as a rural letter carrier for the Post Office, at about the 10th year of working there, the senior carrier in her 30-40th yr, was set to retire! Wayyyy past her time actually!!

Everyone in the town, fellow employees, and the customers on her route knew it was time for her to go!! You could feel the nasty bitterness just seeping through her skin!! Complaints were pouring in, more and more EVERYDAY!! The whole place was soooo relieved to see her go!

All the new technology and “younger kids” whom she watched grow up from birth to having families of their own were disrespectful and on and on!! That’s YOU!!!


Well, I'm glad you're admitting that the company - "{Affordable Dentures}" doesn't offer quality SERVICES. Why would you say that it's impossible?

It's not the name of the building that denotes the quality of the Services. It's the people who denotes the quality of the SERVICE.


Ummmm 2.? Lemme take a shot...

Don’t use Affordable-Dentures?Is there no honor among dentists? One would think that you dentists would at least have each other’s back??


A retired dentist friend of mine decided he wanted to still work a bit and got a job at an Affordable Dentures in Virginia.

To his dismay, he found that assistants with only a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA were looking a patient x-rays, making treatment plans, and trying to boss him around, telling him which teeth to extract. My friend did not last long working for that operation.

This is the sort of shenanigans that go on in these clinics.

Patients beware! You will have teeth extracted that should be left in your mouth.


That might be at that office only. Each office is OWNED by the Dentist making it his or her decision on how to run things. You can't judge how over 200 offices run off of one persons experience.


First of all, this review is only for the Affordable Dentures that I went to in Gulfport, MS. So what are you talking about?

Why are you talking about the other 200 offices?

If you can read my review, you can see that I'm only doing a review about a particular place not the other 200 or more offices under the Affordable Dentures name. But from my bad experience, I'm sure we can let people judge for themselves if they want to trust this brand or organization or not.


I was replying to ClydeDDS. He is bashing everyone on every review.


That is BS. I have a friend that worked in an Affordable Dentures for a short time.

Dental assistants were trying to dictate which teeth he had to extract.

This qualified dentist quit in no time. Like other cr@ppy corporate dental clinics, the lie is told to State Boards that the dentist owns the place, to keep the corporate owners out of trouble with the law.

You are just repeating propaganda from corporate headquarters.


Cooperate does nothing with the day to day things. They just handle marketing and patient issues.

That might be the case in that office and it is wrong but that is not how every office is. AD doesn't "lie" to state boards. I am a current employee and the practice owner has full control over everything, including licensing, equipment and employee matters. Why don't you do your research first before acting like you know everything about AD.

The reason why the prices are so low is because we cut out the "middle man" AKA Outside Dental Labs.

Its the SAME teeth, SAME acrylic bought with contracts from all of the reputable companies (the same that the labs use) AD is so large that we are able to acquire it at a lower rate.

You sound like an old retired dentist who's career was affected by AD and now you just sit around every day and comment on all of the posts you can and make people feel bad for being broke.


Like similar high-volume corporate operations, they claim that each office is owned by a dentist, but that is a lie. To look legal for state boards, they get a dentist to sell his soul and incorporate a shell corporation for him, which owns nothing.

AD owns EVERYTHING in the office.

And they can fire the dentist if they want to. If he were in fact the owner, how could a corporation fire him?

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