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My dad needed new dentures because the old ones he had, kept having teeth that fell out. I took him to my dentist and the wanted $1600 for a full set.

I called around and other places charge $1500-$5000. He's in his 70s and i'm a student, so we dont have that type of money. I noticed a place called Affordable Dentures offering full dentures for $435 while looking online. I thought it was a scam and thought their dentures might be generic.

I was so scared to take my dad, but i prayed about it and took him. Well i'm going to tell u all about it. 1. Make sure to visit the website and look at the price list.

2. Don't go by the website or 1800 number for office hours. You need to call your local office for the real hours of operation because the dr sets his own hours and days of the week. 3.

I bought the Economy (cheapest) full set (upper and lower) for dad for a total of $435. This included office visit and fitting, no other hidden fees. This is for someone that was already a denture wearer. They are able to give cheaper rates because they have their own lab on site, so they don't have to pay for sending out the dentures or a lab off site.

If this is your first time as a denture wearer or you need teeth pulled also, it will cost more money. 4. The Economy is a strong material. You pick the color of the gum and color of teeth.

So dont worry that they will give u yellow teeth. 5. There is only two differences between Economy and the other more expensive ones. One, you get to try on the dentures and decide if you want them to change it.

Two, the gum area looks more natural. The teeth on dad's Economy look natural, but the gum is a little glossy looking so that part is not as natural looking. But you cant tell unless you get really close and he's smilng so hard that you can see he's gum area, which doesn't really happen. 6.

The bad thing is the dr doesn't have good bedside manner. He came in the room, didn't say hello, and quickly started the procedure without explaining anything. He's a little rude and harsh. So be ready for that.

The good thing is that they are clean, i sae the nurses and dr wash their hands between procedures. 7. Conclusion, very worth it! Good economy dentures.

Good quality. Can't beat the price.

Store Location: Shepherdsville, Kentucky

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