I went to Affordable dentures about 1 and half years ago, and had them make me an upper denture, when the teeth were pulled two months later the denture did not fit at all, and my teeth were buck. so I took them back and they did make a new upper denture, but said I could not get adjustments for free, the new denture did fit perfect, also I paid for the premium denture, werent premium dentures.

Well today I went back to get my permanent denture and I told them I wanted the teeth a little longer and a different color.

So I told the dentist that was not right so she made a new impresssion which looked good and then she made me sign a release that I liked the impression. Had to come back 3 hours later and guess what the first impression is what they made.and the dentist said well you signed the approval and thats what you get.

Monetary Loss: $800.

Location: Saint Louis, Missouri

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Aspen dental in Cummings Georgia Dr.chowdury pull all teeth in same place without knowing the health issues first before pulling and what allergic reaction the patients have.And they will sign you up with deadliest that is associated with Comenity bank.If the financial lady mess you up on your payment you will get a notification f err on comenity dentalfirst that will cause 2 arms and 2 legs out of your pocket into hardships that will closed your account and write charged off on your credit report and you still paying that hardships every months...But does that all three credit reports companies knows they're doing that to patients...If you are still paying hardships then it should not be on your credit report...Be nice the government's see all that going on between aspen dental and dentalfirst and Comenity bank scamming


Your teeth will always look "buck" because it is easy to see from your profile photo that your lower jaw is deficient compared to your upper ja by at least 4 millimeters. If you angle your upper denture teeth back to meet the lower incisors in your small lower jaw, your upper lip will be unsupported and you probably will not be able to make "F" and "V" sounds correctly.

That is what makes fabricating dentures so hard.

You have to guess what patients will adapt to. Can't do that easily with a two- or three- appointment denture.


Every Affordable Dentures office is different, some good, some may not be so much. Each office is owned by a local dentist and each office has its own local laboratory staff.

There are many Affordable Dentures offices that are excellent in quality dentures as well as quality customer care. Affordable Dentures dentists are real dentists from private practices and dental groups. Affordable Dentures Inc. is merely the corporate entity and each practice is individually owned and operated by a local Dentist..

I hope this helps..


This is mostly baloney. No dentists come from private practices to work in these places.

A dentist has to be really desperate to work in one of these offices. No reputable dentist wants to yank teeth all day and make mediocre dentures at cheap prices. The dentist you see MAY own a SMALL percentage of the clinic, but is never the majority shareholder. He could not, for instance, ditch Affordable Dentures and make the office independent.

He has no authority in how the office is run. An retired dentist friend of mine tried working in an Affordable Dentures clinic to pick up some extra cash.

He was so disgusted with what went on, he quit in a month. Assistants were trying to tell this experienced dentist what teeth to yank out!


no thats a lie, they all are chop chops, machine made one size fits all, its a company that supports *** bad dentist, and someday this company will be out of business when law suits are won!


I totally agree and understand!


I'm sorry that you & others had a bad experience w/ Affordable Dentures. I had the reverse situation where the dentist/dental school that is the only approved place covered by Medicare had fouled up not 1 pair, but 2!!!

The 1st pair were so GINORMOUS THAT I couldn't even close my mouth over them & they told me "you'll get used to them!" Uh, no! I never got used to them & would just wear the upper unless I was eating. As fate would intervene, I had gotten the flu & the worst of the tummy troubles hit while we were driving home. We pulled into the highway rest stop & I power puked so hard my dentures flew into those handy dandy automatic flushing toilets & when I lifted my head; *click* FLUSH!

Yeah... Good times, good times! I look back & laugh maniacally, now but wasn't happy then. The second pair took forever to be made & again, were not properly fitted & didn't look right.

They also were super yellow looking! This was through the state dental school & took 8 months to be made!!! Michelangelo could've sculpted them in less time. Again, they weren't comfortable no matter what adjustments were made.

A few years down the road, my pseudo-husband came into some money & we tried the Affordable Dentures by Camden, NJ. The wax set proved to be too big & luckily the dentist listened to me & understood what I meant when I said that I had a slight overbite & the bottoms needed to be smaller. The best advice I can give is that when the wax set is laid down, make sure the teeth lie down & line up perfectly, as if they're puzzle pieces. Also, bring pictures & if you have it, a panoramic X-ray (shows all teeth & jaw).

The dentist, Dr. Michelle Aitken, saw what I meant & worked with me. My dentures took a few days to make & were PERFECT! As currently the whiter the teeth you have, the better they look, I suggest going for the whitest shade they have.

I recommend saving up for the Premium denture vs. the economy & less expensive ones as they aren't as nice looking & don't last long. Some Affordable Dentures are notorious for shoddy work. Mostly in Southeastern states.

Before committing to using that office; talk to patients & to the dentist. Ask questions & if you don't feel comfortable with the answers or other patients experiences, try another place. Your hard earned money is Just as valuable as those who come by it more easily!

As for the dentist who thinks everyone has $10,000 in their bank accounts & plenty more socked away in CDs & stocks & "want a Rolls Royce for the cost of a Chevy Aveo..."; just because a pt doesn't have a pocketful of Benjamins doesn't mean they should be treated any differently nor have the same expectations as those who do!

I've had plenty of family & friends who went to prosthodontists who came back with teeth looking like Chiclets jammed into Play-Doh, or were so ill fitted they were worse off than when they went without them & begged me for the number of the place where I'd gotten mine. Funny how some dentists & oral surgeons see people as people while others see them as dollar signs.

I understand that you have bills & possibly student loans to pay back but many folks are barely getting by even with working 2-3 jobs. These folks aren't looking for a Rolls Royce nor a Jaguar, they're looking to have dentures that fit & work properly, having them look nice would be a treat too!


How did you get Medicare to pay for dentures? I went to the dental school in Kansas City today and they said Medicare does not pay for dentures.


I have practiced for over 40 years and Medicare has never paid for dentures. The patient may have a Medicare supplement dental plan that pays small amounts for dental care.


I am on medicaid Im disabled and live on $750 a month It dont pay for dentures. Does anyone know where I can get help paying for mine? I went to ku and they dont help at there dental school.


Your "Pseudo-Husband.." LOL!


I wish that I had read this last year. My friend was ripped off also.

He paid them $3200 to pull his teeth and provide him with a full set of dentures. His dentures were never right. He went back nearly half a dozen times. An hour drive from Atlanta.

He finally decided to give up.

Now he has to pay for a good set of dentures else where. I feel bad because I recommended the place to him based on internet findings.


Here's what you do, just don't wear them, post tons pictures of yourself on Facebook to show them what a bad job the did. After that they will beg to remake them. Try it.


You wanted cheap dentures, right? That is why you went to the clinic chain instead of a good dentist in private practice.

What did you really expect?

A Rolls Royce for the cost of a Chevy Aveo?

They have to take shortcuts to make cheap dentures at these places. There is no way around it.


Funny thing is my husband went to a real dentist and he Wound up with chappy dentures that the teeth keep popping off...he *** into a pork chop tonight and wound up swallowing the tooth...and we paid big bucks for these dentures from a "real" dentist...so who can u trust...noone...they are all out to make a quick buck with cheap products and once they r made your stuck with um...




Worst place on the planet. Hateful staff.

Never answers the phone once they program your number in.

Stay far far away.


WOW, I am sorry you had a different experience but it does look like you need a whiting. They allow us to pick our color, they don't pick them.

I don't know but something does not seem right because I had a totally different experience. My Experience was Excellent on 06/20/2014. I was seen at my scheduled time, the office had my previous records from 2011. Everyone was friendly.

They now have two Doctors in the office and the one I saw was extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly. She allowed me to ask any question and provided all the answers. I was not rushed, or pressured at all and the Doctor gave me a complete examination. I received my dentures and was informed that I had six (6) free adjustments with my package if needed.

I travel a lot Preaching in the Ministry, and sometimes I misplaced my Dentures, this is my third set from Affordable Dentures and as you can see I feel very comfortable going back anytime. Thank You Affordable Dentures, I pray and speak BLESSINGS over your company and each employee.


Bogus, employee scam


Well don't go to daily dentures either in knoxville, u pay everything up frint like 4 ,ooo$ and when ur done yes there very nice even look real but a monypth after I had them teeth started falling out then I was eating a peive if sliced bagged bread there sothi the bottom set broke in half , not a choice I would ever make again to go there. So I live in corbin ky.

So had to take and get them fixed at affordable dentures here tgey had sharp peices stucking out with dried glue resin I could not even wear themm. They totally suk!!!!!

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