I have spent 4 days in *** trying to get my temporary and permanent plate to fit correctly. After all of this and a day after I called back to explain that my upper lip is hanging off of my face and I was told by the Jacksonville office that I signed off on them...when I tried them on I was asked to sign a document, I was not aware that document meant that was it..I thought it was that I had received them.

Of course I signed off on them I was sitting in the office 2 days straight 10 hours each day. So I file a complaint with the better business bureau and they agree to either replace or refund. I selected refund and no place did it say that I would have to return the plate.

Tell me how a 600.00 refund is going to get me a replacement...really...these people are unprofessional, ignorant and should be closed down. Sad part is that the Afforable Denture in Rockford, IL did a brilliant job on my wife's emergency set and I was really expecting more.

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

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In reading your response I take it you must work for this company. I agree that he should return the no good dentures.

I sent my no good patials to the parent company.

Ihave not received a dime. I took action that will bring attention to these scam artists.They are all about the oney and could care less about a person not being able to eat properly which is essential to life.Another thing is that not everyone that goes into these offices are uneducated and ***.They hide behind laws that are designed to protect the public.This is about to change.


You sound drunk right now!!!! Why in the WORLD would you ask for a refund and then expect to keep the dentures.

Would you walk into wal mart and say "I'd like my money back for this flat screen tv BUT I'd like to keep it!!!!" and why would you sign a consent and not read it.

Each affordable dentures is individually owned by the dentist that works there. Not all of them run the same.

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