I have my second set and my wife has her first set. We ought the top of the line. They look great. they feel good. and most of all are affordable.

You know you get what you pay for.

In the beginning of this I had a quote of over 8 thousand for a set. Big difference. If they don't fit well go back and have them adjusted.

Michael D

Why do I have to extend this review to one hundred words. Looks like someone only wants bad reviews if that is so this is a bogus survey.

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Bought a lie! I paid 3,000 for the best you could get and was told they had a 7-10 year guarantee...I was eating a cheese stick and they broke in half?!!!

I call to come in and they tell me the policy I had was no longer valid because they changed it!

$3,000 down the drain and embarrassment because I can't smile nor eat. Contacted my lawyer because they committed breach of contract

to Amanda #1517879

Amanda may I ask who you're working with. Please give me call 9709468472

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