I went to Affordable Dentures and while the dentists were as professional as they COULD be in the time allotted, I cannot BEGIN to describel what I came out with. The "temporary" dentures that they put in were so loose they had to line them before I left.

The top of the front one is so thick, I have a ridge under my nose, raising my upper lip at the top and leaving it to 'dangle' and actually curl inward along the (now non-existent) lip line. They told me they would have to remake them as the *** was off. I thought it strange they didn't give me a mirror when I left, now I know why. The teeth are not symetrical, on the left side, mostly 'gum', they fit together on one side don't even meet on the other and actually are angled inward on the sides.

Its a mess. I don't know HOW I am going to deal with the embarassment of having to wear these to work. If you are considering this factory-based approach--DON'T WASTE THE MONEY.

You'll be way better off to spend a bit more and see a professional.

Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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This is almost exactly what happened to me.. I looked like Elvis!

My upper lip was just stuck up. At Affordable denture they told me they couldn't do my dentures because I was already frustrated in the wax process and their inability to get the teeth right. So I moved forward and went to a place called DDS denture solutions and after a week of them trying to get my bite right and me saying "I'll just pay the additional $300 to remake them completely" they just returned my money and said it was to hard to make new ones. It was clearly in my contract that if I pay additional $150 per plate they would remake them if I was not satisfied with the look.

How in the h*** can these companies not get it right? the office manager just kept shrugging saying the teeth look great! The teeth did look great sitting on the table, but once in my mouth I looked ridiculous. Now I'm fighting to get them to reverse the $700 plus claim with my insurance.

They did give me my portion of $822 back.

Still waiting for it to deposit back to my account though. We shall see!


I had several extractions and an immediate upper denture done December 10, 2013 at the Bloomington, Indiana office and could not be happier. The whole office staff is kind and professional.

I go back in 2 months for my permanent set of Ultra dentures, and I cant wait. The immediate denture is beautiful and fits perfectly, so I'm very excited to see my permanent set.

I'm a first time denture wearer and i would whole heartedly recommend this office to anyone! :grin


:grin I love My Dentures 8)


affordable dentures and Mandarin Jacksonville Florid :zzz a is the best!!!!!

Glenda M

Rochester MN Affordable Dentures is amazing. Reccomended to me by my dentist at the Mayo Clinic. AAA+


This has been a nightmare. For 11 days my husband, 55 yrs.

old has been in excruciating pain! This Affordable Denture place in Sugarland, does not have anything pleasant about their chairside manner. They extracted 25 of my husband's teeth, sent him home with too thick upper "gums", which had to be addressed, he was in such pain. NOW, he has bone sticking out of his back lower tooth spot, causing extreme pain, unbelievable pain, and the office ladies do not have any compassion for him at all.

They got PAID IN FULL, sent him home with 2- 5mg. Vicodin (yes, two) and 16 IBUPROFEN. I was hung up on when I tried to tell them how serious this IS. He cannot eat, or sleep, and still is TRYING to go to work.


Money up front, work done the way they see fit, not the way the dentures should fit. smh...BAD EXPERIENCE @ Sugarland office.


It sounds like the anterior flange is moderately over-extended and needs to be shaved down. Your dentist will use his headpiece and a lab bur to take the excess denture down and then he will buff and polish your denture to make it comfortable.

He can make the "who-like" appearance go away. Trust me. I sure hope this helps you.

Print out my response if you need to and refer to it when consulting with him about your concerns. :)


Communication is very important with your dentist. If you are unhappy with the results...TELL THEM!

But also give him a chance to make the necessary adjustments to your new dentures before you leave. Most of the time patients will, need 2-3 adjustments before the dentures are comfortable. Take my advice, I am a.dental assistant and I stress to our patients how important it is to come back for adjustments so that they will wear them and wear them comfortably. Please address discomfort to your dentist, he/she will be more than happy to make YOU happy.

Hope this helps. :)


I am very happy with AD in Tacoma Wa, they did great at the extractions! The immediate dentures fit extreemly well.

I only had to go back for adjustments twice. Now, I'm ready for my new set. I'm getting the best ones they have, so I'm really looking forward to getting them ! I would (and have) recomend them to any one!

The staff there are very nice, and respectfull. Really happy I went there.


I am very happy with AD in Tacoma Wa, they did great at the extractions! The immediate dentures fit extreemly well.

I only had to go back for adjustments twice. Now, I'm ready for my new set. I'm getting the best ones they have, so I'm really looking forward to getting them ! I would (and have) recomend them to any one!

The staff there are very nice, and respectfull. Really happy I went there.


I went to the lenoir city tn. office, they did a great job on my uppers and my extractions :) I really liked thier work!

Now i am going to get my bottom ones done, so wish me luck to have the same experience this time also! Thanks!


:? yo mouth *** up


I live in Florida. I've had my share of poor fitting dentures.

I got my new dentures from my dentist who used McCall Dentures in Colorado for their dental lab. They're soft and flexible and they fit perfect; I couldn't be happier.

And they were affordable! OMG after reading the horror stories here, I couldn't imagine anyone going to this chain of offices.


:) Affordable Dentures in Covington, GA. did a really good job for me.

I hope all of you who are complaining here complained to the office who did your work. For some people who can afford nothing more, Affordable Dentures allows them to get the help they need.

Complain where it will do some good...to the people who did your work. Also thank them if they did a good job!


Pure Butchery cost 2200. sockets not stitched properly fragments remain months later.

Insurance not covered as told, teeth are poor quality and very small pallet is huge.

Getting my new ones soon for 1500 but well worth it!!! Ask to see a sample first befor the pull.


I was web surfing,could`nt sleep. When I ran across this site.Boy I`m glad I did.Next mounth I am going to my local hospital to have dental work done.I don`t know if they will do my dentures.So, I was looking @ A.D..

After reading some of the stories and wornings,I changed my mind.I am on disabilty and can`t make a life time mistake I can`t live with.I am 55YRS old.

And I would have to live with an out come that I can not aford to correct.I also called a place like Affordable Dentures and was qouted a price of $5,200.00 total for a full set of dentures!!.I have made some mistakes(bad) ones in my life,but@ that kind of price I don`t know where to look now! But, thanks to all for the info.


I totally agree with you and if the people who had somethin smart to say about your complaint like you sound like a competing dentist had to get stuck with a set of teeth like we did they would change their tune. my top plate actually pushes my nose up and you can see it stuck out past my nose pushing my lip up and out making me look like a whoo from whooville, I am so unsatisfied that i cried all day and half the night, I paid for a package and only got the temporary plate and that is enough to show me i do not ever want to go back there again...

I am goin to try and atleast get some of my money back along with calling the BBB. good luck to you and i hope you are able to get you some teeth elsewhere and be totally happy with them..


My daughter had to have all her uppers pulled at a young age due to decay from meds, she got her economy plate from A.D. about 6 yrs ago & they still look & feel great!

:grin My bad experience came from a "regular dentist" who made me look like Bugs Bunny!

:eek but I explained that was not right & they fixed them! ya gotta communicate people!


i got affordable dennture its been a year and i cant see my top teeth and both are loose and have to wear adhese every time i want to eat what causes this and the dentures are thick inside the dentures should i sand them a little bit ps i have some bone loss i dont use adhesive for the top duture so should i use some to see if that will bring it down more reply back please thank you


You can't just bash Affordable Dentures as a whole. I went to Affordable Dentures in Suffolk, VA.

Dr. Lynne Faxio and her staff have changed my life. Sure it takes time and you will have to return for adjustments as your gums heal. Anytime I had a problem the office was right there to fix it.

If you are settling for the economy dentures (same material as the immediate dentures). I purchased the Ultra Package but truth be told my Immediate dentures looked great but my Ultra Dentures are terrific. I was a victim of a crime and for years I applied for programs tried to find prices I could afford. I too was skeptical but I wanted to get my life back and smile again.

Dr. Faxio gave me back my smile.

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