Escanaba, Michigan

I am not surprised; I was 'dismissed' by Dr. Swenson after she read the notes about her work on me as provided by another dentist(dentist who told me to report her to the WI Board of Licensure for what she had done to me; she pulled teeth that did not need to be pulled.)

I had gone in for a reline on my 'immediate denture'; Dr. Swenson called the police! I was glad to see them as she had stolen my dentures, which the police had to retrieve from her; the police also had to take her to her office to calm her down as she wasn't making any sense.

The police told me she had been doing this to other patients recently(2010)! I have NEVER had an experience like this...until Affordable Dentures agreed to have another dentist finish my work.

Dr. Becker/Milwaukee left me with a denture that doesn't fit, would not even look at my mouth to check, verbally abused me in front of the whole office, threatened to fire his staff, told me I could return for an 'adjustment', then reneged. I received my files from his office, complete with an e-mail between himself and Affordable Dentures, Inc., stating that *I* had verbally abused *him*!

I have been in pain and suffering for 4 years, have implants that pierce my tongue and graze the bottom...bloody mouth daily, haven't eaten solid food, have cosmetic damage from lack of treatment.

I have called the CEO of Affordable Care, Inc., Doug Brown, to no avail.

This company has a real lack of the 'care' they advertise; Dr. Becker/Milwaukee, WI and Dr. Swenson/Green Bay, WI are two dentists I would NEVER recommend.

The ADA Code of Ethics:

*Principle 1: Self-governance

You have the right as a patient to be involved in your treatment decisions, and your ADA dentist has a duty to honor your decisions within acceptable treatment parameters and to safeguard your privacy.

*Principle 2: Do no harm

Your ADA dentist has a duty to protect you from harm and must keep his or her knowledge and skills current.

*Principle 3: Do good

Your ADA dentist has a duty to promote your welfare by delivering competent and timely dental care that takes into consideration your needs, desires and values.

*Principle 4: Fairness

Your ADA dentist has a duty to treat all people fairly and deliver dental care without prejudice.

*Principle 5: Truthfulness

Your ADA dentist has a duty to be honest and trustworthy.

I have not been able to work, lost my home, and after almost four years of attempting to rectify my situation through legal means and with Affordable Care, Inc., I finally hospitalized myself from the resultant depression/anxiety of getting nowhere; this is my life now, living in constant pain and humiliation.

Affordable Dentures does not one would have done all that I have done to find myself at 'square one'...this is 'assembly line' dentistry where the patient is nothing more than a 'problem' when the dentist hasn't performed...

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From what I understand they only kick garbage to the curb!

Educated people can see through your lie! If that truly happened, the way you say it did, you would of sued and won.


I too had this SAME experience from the Green Bay office and Rebecca Swenson. She pulled my teeth gave me my denture and pretty much ran out of the room.

I sat there for 5 minutes before the nurse came and asked me if there was something more she could help me with. I had to return the following day because I was in so much paint as well as still bleeding badly. I ended up leaving and throwing up for 4 days. When I was finally well enough to go in, she told me I was a liar and that I wasn't sick not was I in any pain.

She never looked at my denture!!!! Never even opened my chart!!! When I told her that I had a giant bump on my gum that was causing this discomfort, she threw me out and threatened to call the cops on me if I didn't give the dentures back. The Green Bay dispatch told me I had to return them (even tho they were paid for) or I could be arrested for theft.

She then forced me to sign a waiver so I couldn't sue her before she would return my money. A month later I noticed I still had a tooth in my mouth!!!! Only half of one tho! I went back to see the other dentist in the office who told me it would either fall out or turn back into the body and the massive lump on my jaw should have been filed down by Rebecca immediately after the extractions and that it was normal practice to have to do this on each patient and that is is most definitely the reason my lower didn't fit...

Oh and it will be at least 6 months till I can get fitted for a new denture because of it. I will be looking into what legal action can be taken because I'm not going to suffer for 8 months because she doesn't know how to do her job right nor am I going to be the one to pay for her mistake!


Dr. Swenson left half of one tooth in my jaw also!

When I returned, I asked if there were times when this would be done...she answered, "Yes."

"No" is the correct answer; there is never a reason to leave part of a tooth in its socket!

3 trips to have all the tooth material removed in a customary manner! (900 miles!)


I think we can all read between the lines here. Two different dentists at two different offices and you did nothing wrong.

What's the common denominator here?

It's you if you have a hard time figuring that out! You must be the problem!


There is another "common denominator" here, "Affordable Dentures". You might work for "Affordable Dentures" if you: blame the victim, make false assumptions, or offer no remedy.

You might work for "Affordable Dentures" if you: don't know what you're talking about, draw false 'connections' in support of "Affordable Dentures", only to blame the victim. I did not perform my own 'dentistry'.


Actually, try employing a bit of logic and reason here (if you're able...)

These "customers" reveal a number of red flags, and have no credibility. I imagine *** mouth' is the only thing they're a "victim" of. The only purpose their "reviews" serve is their unintentional hilarity.


I agree.


I know from experience that people can eat solid food without any teeth at all. I didn't have teeth for several years before I had enough money for dentures.

I got my dentures in the early winter of 1984 and I was eating all kinds of solid food, including popcorn before I got my dentures. When You have a family, you eat what they all eat for meals. To this day, I can still eat popcorn and other solid foods without my dentures in. If it hurts to eat with your teeth in, take them out and practice eating without them.

I realize there are a lot of complaints about the dentist that you used, unless you are making all of them.

Has it ever occurred to you to get the advice of another dentist?


You are very lucky, but didn't read. You don't have implants that puncture and graze your tongue, you don't have a denture that makes your mouth bleed and couldn't be used from day 1 from a dentist who refused to look at what he had done.

There is not one dentist who has disagreed with 'damage done', malpractice; I don't have the money to get the oral surgery and prosthodontics I need to fix the damage done.

There are complaints about these dentists because of their malpractice and refusal to rectify situations caused by them; I did not do my own dental work.

Please take your conjecture, eat your popcorn, and feel *** lucky you aren't me.

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