Dothan, Alabama
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I went to the dentist for a toothache. I wanted the tooth pulled.

I asked the dentist about removing the tooth under the one being pulled so that I would get a partial. He said he did not advise that so I began to explain my reason he just walked out the room without saying anything. When he returned he began to put the jelly like stuff to numb my mouth before he inject me with the needles. Well he didn't pause a second before he began jabbing the needles in my jaw.

I had to stop him and ask for a second. He only gave me a second a started again. I began to try to take the pain but he got even rougher. I stopped him again and said you're a bit rough doc.

No response from him, he just kept going. As he was attempting to extract my tooth he was putting so much pressure on my jaw that I was afraid it was going to snap. I asked him again to please take it easy. The tooth broke two or three times before he began to saw it in pieces.

He never made any apologises or excuses.

Dr. Jackson at Affordable Dentures will never ever touch me again!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Tooth Extraction.

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If this was a slim, Black guy then I agree with you. He was rough and braced his palm on my front teeth to get a tooth out. He was not friendly in any way and I will not be going back if he is there.


Omg that's terrible!I think I would report him to the dental association or BBB! :(

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