Was test fitted for new dentures and they didnt fit and had to be remade. On next appt wasnt given enough time to test fit dentures was immediately seated and prepped for procedure to install 3 lower implants.

Wasnt fully numb and when implants were seated down it struck the nerve and I about come out of the chair. Once healed and went in to uncover implants only 2 had took. One completly came out. Returned and had new implant inserted.

Dentures still dont fit right. Had to move before finishing implants and now cant find an affordable dentures in my new area who will service my implants. Only one implant is snapping in and the other is set to deep.

Cant eat hardly anything because denture comes unseated. Very poor customer service and after care maintenance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We need to ALL get together as JILTED CUSTOMERS and File a something against them. Are there any LAWYERS out there who would like to take this on?

There are a lot of DISSATISFIED customers out here. The one I went to CLOSED and left me with no where to go.


Anybody who goes to a sleazy outfit like Affordable Dentures to get implants is an ***. Implant supported dentures are a VERY difficult thing to do exactly right.

And you thought an El Cheapo clinic would be the place to get it done?

Guaranteed they used the cheapest implants they could find on the market.

Good luck finding another dentist at another location who will do procedures no charge. Dentists who work at these joints are on commission, you know.


Know any lawyers ?


I wish I did and have been considering this.

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