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My 70-year old father went to the Affordable Dentures office in Zanesville, Ohio, to replace his existing dentures. My father had been reluctant to get his existing dentures replaced because he feared that he would have problems with the new dentures. Our family encouraged him to go ahead and get new dentures and assured him everything would be fine.

Unfortunately, we were so wrong. My father has spent the past several weeks trying to learn to adjust to the dentures made by Affordable Dentures, but never could wear the dentures they made for him. He went back to the Affordable Dentures office to advise him of his problems with the dentures, and the dentist said that he needed surgery to remove tissue from his mouth to make the dentures fit his mouth properly. Fortunately, my father refused such surgery and advised the doctor that the dentures were to be made to fit him - not do surgery on his mouth to make his mouth fit their dentures. The dental office filed the teeth down on the dentures they made for my father and sent him home telling him they should be fine now. My Dad spent the next several weeks trying to adjust to the new dentures to no avail. He then went back to wearing his old dentures again.

Our family encouraged our father to go back to Affordable Dentures and discuss the difficulties he has been experiencing with the dentures and ask for his money back due to the fact that they clearly did not have the ability to ever make dentures that would fit him. The Zanesville, Ohio Affordable Dentures Office made my father wait from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. before anyone would meet with him to discuss his issues. My father said that he kept asking the receptionist if they were going to make him wait all day to be seen, and they kept telling him to keep waiting. He said he left and came back two times to take a break from sitting in the reception area.

Interestingly enough, while my Dad waited in the waiting room for the majority of the day, he had the opportunity to talk to other patients visiting the office, and the other patients were experiencing the same sort of problems. He also discovered that several of the other patients were told they needed surgery on their mouth for the dentures to fit properly. One lady in particular had the surgery and she was having more problems than she had before the surgery had been performed.

I am absolutely shocked at the treatment my Dad received at the Zanesville Office of Affordable Dentures. I am further disappointed at the poor quality of the dentures made by Affordable Dentures.

Businesses such as this should be immediately closed by the State of Ohio and prohibited from operating in the state. It appears that a full investigation is long overdue of this office and the qualifications and corporate practices of the Affordable Dentures franchises.

Do yourself a favor, make sure you run the opposite direction of any Affordable Denture office before you have the unfortunate experience of dealing with them and their inexperienced staff and unqualified dentists.

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has anyone used the afordable dentures office in Topeka,Kansas?I have been thinking of going there,but at the moment I cant even get them to return a simple email. :upset

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