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I went to have a partial top deture made. They took x-rays I didn't need. As they prepared the impression plates & goo, I asked if it was real cold, as my teeth are so sensitive, cold wiil send me through the roof, & she assured me they woud warm it for me. When she shoved it in my mouth, I almost cried, it was so cold & it hurt so badly. She said "I go it as wam as I could." OK, I made it through that. Still hopeful, the dentist came in with his hook tool & I told him I'd rather he not put it in my mouth, He did aanyway; he scraped my newly filled tooth & told me it needed to be redone beforee he coud make dentures because the plate would slam against the tooth, eventually breaking it..

So, after all this I was disappoinnted but had made the appointment to have the tooth redone & was planning to come back for the denture afer that. I asked how much I owe & she told me, I asked why the extra fee & she said for the consult-I specifically asked about this when I called & told her this. She said, "Yeah, that fee is waived if we make the dentures.." I said, "that's not really MY fault is it?" She slammed her folder & said "how about you pay nothing & we don't make anything for you?" I said "you know what, I read about the horrible customer service & decided to give the benefit of the doubt- boy was that a big mistake! That's how you want to resolve this, by not trying to resolve it? Just not have me as a customer? seriously?"

I am so glad I left without paying a dime- after reading MORE of these reviews!!!

I just wonder if me questioning her made them hesitant to make me these *** dentures, for fear that I may be a pain in their butts if they weren't done correctly. I guess, since Im not 80 & unable to defend myself, they didn want to risk it? Just a theory.

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As a dental professional, I would never make a partial without an crazy for diagnotic and liability purposes. The teeth that hold the partial in must have sufficient bone support and free from decay. Otherwise, you are wasting your money.

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