How can I walk in the first day of getting the Dentures the lab was running behind there was trouble I had to wait 3 hours extra which I did not mind I went in there to get adjusted or fitted for the ones the clerk there was like I was taking her time away she kept telling me does that fit does that fit and I just said yes I have pain in both they both feel weird she said you have to get used to it she went over there and grind it a little bit came back there grinding was still in my bottom of my teeth I told her I said there's a stuff inside the bottom of my teeth I can't figure out what it is she goes in it off and then tells me I'm going to have to have put on it well I said okay I left I gave it to a week I called back and made an appointment to come get really just stood and told them operator I could not handle this because my teeth feel weird the top teeth feel like they're crooked like I'm biting on it sideways inside the Denture and the bottom still don't work I go up there they really smooth it this time the clerk this Clark was very nice Shiri smooth it and told me I said I can't keep them in my mouth she said well you're going to have to wear a he Civ at all times and I did not even bring up my top teeth because I did not want to hear no more reasoning on there believing what they're telling me because it's all fibs I know Dentures do fit and I have old pictures of my old Dentistry teeth compared to these teeth and I was looking at the top teeth and they're totally crooked where the middle of the Little V is supposed to be in the front of your two front teeth is all the way almost at the it I demand a full refund I'm not going to deal with this anymore

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Don't know which is more pitiful- your dental experience or your attempt at writing about it on this forum. What grade in elementary school did you drop out?


Who gave you the right to judge someone, must be very boring ..to troll and try to make fun of people whom are upset of poor quality and fit .


Please learn to use punctuation and other neat little tricks like correct spelling.

Your complaint is ineffective because it is unreadable.



I thank you for at least trying to read. However in which You are bashing a disabled person on their freaking punctuation. Do you not understand some people do only speak into a keyboard and can not type?


Most speech recognition systems have voice commands for punctuation, do they not?

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