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I was told that after extractions that I would receive temp dentures, and after healing they said to call back in a year to get my perm dentures. I called back after a year and was told I have my perm denture which I don't.

I also had the worst infection my whole face swelled up I looked like a monster so I now need a new upper denture and lower partial but medi cal only pays for dentures every five years.

I can't eat comfortably plus I have a sharp bone that is very painful and will require surgery to fix. I need help

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Guess you should have taken care of your teeth, instead of being such a knucklehead neglecting them, then having them ALL extracted. Dentures are never as great as patients think they will be.

Surfacing bone chips, ulcers, sore spots, looseness- these are all things that patients going to cheap denture mills suffer with. Denture patients are cheapskates. They were too cheap to take care of their natural teeth, then they go to the cheapest places to get their teeth ripped out and flimsy dentures made.

You made the stupid decision. Now you have to live with it.


What the heII is your problem buddy? Do you get your rocks off by coming into this forum and insulting people?

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