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Only giving 1 star so I can leave a comment! Otherwise, I would not even give that.

I went in to get a full set of same day dentures. Spent the whole day in Little Rock waiting, which of course I had planned to do. But when I went back at 3 to get my dentures it was a disaster! First off, my too arch was way to big, literally falling out of my mouth to big.

Second,my bottom arch was way to small, could not get it over my gums at all in the back. She said I just felt like that because I wasn't used yo wearing dentures. I have never, in years gone longer an hour with out them in. And I explained that to the dentist, after some back and forth she started yelling at me telling me I got what I paid for.

She stormed out and that was when I went to take a look at the top arch in my mouth. That is when I discovered my front teeth was LITERALLY under my left eye! I asked her several times if she could just fix me another set. She refused, and kept raising her voice at me.

Blaming me for the problems with the dentures. And said several times she doesn't have time to worry about the Economy set because they are cheap. After about 5 minutes of her berating me she agreed to refund when my husband came into the back after I went to get him. I've never been so embarrassed in my life.

Never been to a professional place of business and been treated that way. It was horrible.

I was crying because I was so embarrassed and upset. I'll never go back

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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NOBODY can make a decent set of dentures in one day. It takes at least FIVE appointments.

Making a set of dentures in one day would be like building a custom house in one day. Things take time to do right.

You wanted a cheap denture quick and you got what you paid for- a cheap cr@ppy denture. If you are smart, which you are probably not, you will go to an experienced dentist who does not work for a scummy corporation, but owns his own practice.


You're a total @sshole to be going through these reviews insulting people. That speaks VOLUMES about you buddy boy.

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