I called corporate office about seven times now I’ve been to a condo me denture do you affordable dentures replace whatever it’s name in South Daytona numerous times to try to get my dentures fixed nobody in the whole place nor that company gives to fly and flips my insurance already had paid for my upper impartial lower denture in the only one that I’ve been trying to get to fit is my upper and I cannot get no results like I stated my insurance has already a paid in a proved it in there telling me I must pay either 45 For a Nother soft liner that I already have that I did not pay nothing for what I would pay 250 for a hardliner that has already been approved for my insurance I hope that a lawyer sees all these and sees that this place does need to be shut down I believe in my heart if Morgan and Morgan new himself what was going on he would help us

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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how do you speak with corporate office, I went to affordable dentures in Mesquite, Texas ?


I can agree with this patient . And ppl bullying them on the grammar, etc..is totally childish .

I have bad punctuation and grammer but i dont care as the patient making her complaint as may or may not feel same.

And on going to a cheaper dentist well maybe thats all ppl can afford geez wothout dental insurance u have alot to pay . And hence going there may help them get dental work.


Maybe, if you expressed yourself more articulately, they would understand what your problem is and what you want them to do. Your grammar in unintelligible, as is your spelling. Good communication is important.


Go to a fleabag cheap denture clinic and get taken. What else is new in the world?

No, I don't think a fleabag attorney that advertises on TV will be able to help you much.

Great work!

You went to a fleabag denture joint that sucked up all your insurance dollars and gave you a partial you can't wear. Bet you didn't know it will be 5 years until insurance pays again for another denture you can use, if you go to a competent dentist next time.


Many people don't make enough money for the "elite" dentists. I think it's wonderful there are dentists willing to make dentistry for many people who otherwise would just have to live with bad teeth.

I know many people who have gone to affordable dentistry with excellent results at a price they could afford. A good attitude goes a long way.


Thank you for defending others .

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