Columbia, South Carolina

Being a working man that is still too poor too have a tooth pulled is bad enough, but I must say that knowing affordable dentures was my only chance @ getting a HORRIBLE tooth out of my head, I made the mistake of coming here and reading these reviews. I am SO SORRY for all the pain and money these folks have brought upon you! but after reading for a while ,,,I was terrified! I had nightmares, lost sleep and was anxious because of all these slams AND FOR NO REASON AT ALL!.I live in Columbia S.C. and let me tell you! 2 days ago when I had my lower molar removed(complex) it was the best dental experience ever!(if there is such a thing!)and I have been to over 50 dentists ..just got bad teeth!

The staff was AWESOME! got me back EARLIER than I was told! DID NOT EVEN CHARGE ME THE ADDITIONAL 60$ for the x ray, which was a blessing since every cent I paid was borrowed money.The dentist and assistant were 2 of the most pleasant folks ever! numbed me GOOD! (which took a LOT of nova.) very patient..granted it was a "very hard pull" but I have been there /done that and knew what to expect, so its been 3 days now , still a little sore in side my mouth and gums, and still some sore from the hard pull(neck pain, sore jaw, but I received antibiotics and pain pills that are helping and praise God I feel 100x better than I did!)

Heard some horror stories about A.D. locations throughout the U.S. but if you live in columbia, dont have any money, and your tooth hurts like ***, this is the best place you could go!

Thanks to everyone that works there!!!


Affordable Dentures Cons: Negative reviews.

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