Stafford, Virginia

The Affordable Denture place in Woodbridge Va. is a very nice place.

The people are very friendly and the Dr. is great. He seems to care very much if you are satisfied. I have had my teeth out for 10 years and have had 5 sets of Dentures made by different places all costing different amounts from cheap to expensive.

Well I am here to tell you the $5000.00 dollars don't fit any better than the cheap ones. If you have had you teeth out recently you are going to have to wait along time to ever get your denture's to fit right. It takes along time for the gums to shrink. As I stated it has be 10 years and I still don't have dentures that fit.

I am now getting implants done to hold the dentures and Affordable Dentures is one of the only places that does this for a reasonable price. I say yes to Affordable Dentures!!!

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Around how much for implants

doris h

let me tell you something, you are talking BS, there is a difference, it so happen I know someone who has her own dental office and produces for dentist partials and dentures, there is a huge difference in the work and quality. I don't think you had $5000ndentures in your mouth, be cause then you would not write this nonsens

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