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I was getting 8 teeth pulled with novicaine.I told dentist I never had more than 2 pulled without gas.

Gas was not available. He said 2 shots, got many, one way in the back where there are no teeth. I asked why a shot back there, thinking maybe there was a molar under the gum. He yelled at me: "don't you think I know what I am doing?

Answer me, Don't you think I know what I am doing?" I am this close to walking out on you" He left, I sat there in tears. When he came back in he asked what I wanted to do I said "just pull them".

He yanked and tugged on one molar but it wouldn't come out. I said it hurt and he gave me another shot. Yanked some more.

No tooth out. He then yanked on a front tooth. No go. Yanked more and I said it hurt.

He sat my chair up, snapped "I've had it with you. You need to find another dentist who will give you gas. Get out. (to office assistant,) Give her a refund except for the x-ray"

I was sent out to the waiting room with a bloody mouth.

Not even offered water to rinse and spit.

I had to sit there until the office assistant got a paper ready saying I was getting a refund and would not sue.DON'T GO TO AFFORDABLE DENTURES TOLEDO OHIO All he did was loosen my teeth where were extremely painful once the Novocaine wore off.

Monetary Loss: $1800.

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Perrysburg, Ohio, United States #1318833

Someone commented that my experience was at Sun Dental.It was not.

It was at Affordable Dentures in Sylvania. I don't think that dentist is still practicing but has made commercials for them.

It makes me sick each time I see his face.I think he owns that franchise.


Sun Dental and Dentures- Khaldoun Attar

Address where "butcher job" happened- 5801 Telegraph Rd.Suite #1 Toledo, oh 43612 (419) 464-9098,

Other offices- 4038 Talmadge Rd.

Suite #103 Toledo, Oh 43623 and 5166 Monroe St.Toledo, oh 43623 (419) 299-4450


Here is the butcher, from Sun Dental and Dentures


Don't go to Sun Dental and Dentures.You will walk out with someone else's dentures that are way too big and your bone carved down, to try and make them fit without your knowledge or consent to start carving.

Our Ohio dental board, doesn't have our backs.

As according to them, he did nothing wrong.REALLY!

Best of luck to all of you, trying to improve your smile.


James Snyder please contact me I have had severe issues with Dr.Muir and I would like to find out who else has had issues with him.

I am currently suffering from a severe sinus infection caused by him and I am planning on making him pay!!!Way to much pain involved for nice dentures.


This individual has no business being in the medical profession period! File a complaint with your state dental liscening board immediately!


:eek wow! I will keep looking. I will gum my food to death first.


:) I went to the Florence Alabama office to get dentures. The staff and Dr were great. Thanks everyone for making my experience great.


the camel jockey in melbourne fl is a joke too my new uppers broke 4 times blamed me for his mistake


I was considering going to Affordable Dentures, because I am on a tight budget and need an extraction done, ASAP,after reading what had happened to I had flash backs, when I was just

9 years old I also had unprofessional treatment to the point of not being able to eat for 6 days, still have the scare on my tongue at the age 44 years old. You may want to seek some legal advise, it is to late for me but maybe not for you, good luck in your matter and just wanted to say we all deserve excellent dental treatment no matter rich or poor, God Bless us All. :roll

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