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I had made an appointment for the only day I had off, because they do not make exceptions for students. My wait time was that of a "Walk in", the X-ray tech said I needed a X-ray I came for dentures, "Oh?

she said, I thought your file said I was in there for an extraction." Then I was told to go into the exam room, only to be ashamed in front of the dentist, because she never introduced herself as the dentist. She said I would and the bone sanded down first and she would give me something to calm me down, but I was going to have to get a ride home, because the pill would make me drowsy, I left after I waited 20 minutes, I got tried of waiting for some kind of information on the process of getting a mold done.

Very unprofessional receptionist, having a personal phone call at work, while patients waited and watched her blab. Dental tech refused to read my file and re-asked everything on the forms that I had already filled out.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Location: Yuba City, California

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Yes, dentists need to see an x-ray of your jaws before making a denture. They have to know what the denture will be resting on, and if there are any surprises that they need to know about BEFORE treatment begins.

You have the impression that making a denture is like going through a drive-through in a hamburger joint. It is not like that at all. Bone that dentures rest on changes over time. An assessment is necessary first to see if pre-prosthetic work is needed before new dentures are constructed. Beautiful dentures over a collapsed with flabby tissue will not work at all.

If the teeth are in good shape, a reline of your existing dentures is a less expensive option. Typically labs need dentures for a whole day to reline then.

Why you went to a clinic like this is beyond my comprehension. I guess it was to try to get dentures cheap. Now you see that along with cheap dentures comes *** service.

Plenty of competent dentists which own their practices can make you good dentures. Now you have to find one!

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