The lady at the front desk needs some customer service training, plus how insurance works. She is loud and abrasive.

I recommend this place is you would like the waiting room full of patients to know what you are there for, your insurance information as well as other information that should be kept personal. The woman will take your insurance information, misrepresent what is covered, assuring you that all you have to pay at that time what isn't covered so you can receive services, all this loudly I might add. Letting the whole room know that if you don't pay the out of pocket at the office visit you will not be seen by the dentist. Doing this and seeing the dentist, which one is encouraged to pick a service that might be more expensive, but not to worry since the Receptionist claims to call the insurance to verify the payment and services you will be alloted, weeks later you will be issued a bill from Valdosta Affordable Dentures for the whole amount because your choice of treatment was not covered.

In contacting the Valdosta Affordable Dentures about the situation was first met with giggles on how they didn't cover that type of treatment to abuse from her with threats about not paying the bill. And no you can not pay it off.

After months of trying to work this out with my insurance company and the parent organization of Affordable Dentures I am now left with a large bill, that they want to be paid yesterday and no recourse. Surely that has to be a better way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Receptionist.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $660.

Preferred solution: I want the office to take some responsibility for not clarifying the what was allowed by my primary insurance..

Affordable Dentures Cons: Receptionist, Verifying insurance, Unprofessional.

Location: 282 Norman Dr, Valdosta, GA 31601, USA

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Patients who go to fleabag denture outfits like Affordable Dentures are cheapskates. That is why they let their teeth deteriorate to start with.

Cheapskates try to avoid money whenever they can. It is a HUGE problem at El Cheapo clinics. Once dentures are in their mouth, interest in paying any residual balance on their bill evaporates.

As to insurance, it is YOUR insurance policy so it is YOUR responsibility to know your benefits. No dental office can possibly know minute details of thousands of dental benefit plans in their vicinity.


That's absolutely not true. I go to the dentist every 6 months for cleanings and take very good care of my teeth.

I was interested in veneers to cover some spacing in my front teeth after having 2 teeth removed after the root canals failed and my teeth shifted. My friend went to Affordable Dentures in Rockford, IL and was very pleased with them so I went there myself. My veneers, which are beautiful by the way, were about 1/3 less than everywhere else so I also chose to have 2 dental implants where my teeth were pulled, also 1/3 less than everywhere else. The care was fantastic, the office staff professional, friendly and knowledgeable and the quality of the work is top notch, which I know first hand since I used to be a dental assistant in an oral surgeon's office.

I do agree with your comment about the insurance though. Offices do insurance as a courtesy, not a requirement and it is the patient's responsibility to know their benefits.


That is not what what happened at all. But thanks your comment inaccurate as it may be. May God richly Bless you and hold you to the standards that you hold others.


You are, obviously, a spoiled, little rich kid who's never been in the position of working for a living and having to trust that the basic dental care promised is what you'll receive. When it comes to health matters, medical or dental, I try not to let cost influence the decision.

Sadly, now I'm disabled so cost HAS to be in the decision process.

It sounds like you are affiliated with this dental "service" and have no idea off what you speak. Your mother should have aborted the pregnancy like your father wanted.


Spoken like a true brainless Obama voter! Made your choice based on TV ads, and now are in a pecadillo for it.

Ended up going to crooks, because that is who could afford to buy expensive TV ads to fleece the public. Guess what crooks do? Flim-flam the public. By the way, there are hygiene schools in the state which perform cleanings (including deep scalings) at roughly 1/3 the cost of dental offices.

So you could have saved your teeth rather than having them yanked out. Dentures are a hassle to construct right. Minimum five appointments and 3-6 adjustment appointments.

All this work to make successful dentures adds up to something which is not cheap. Guess you believe the taxpayers should subsidize cheap choppers for you!


Listen Einstein -not everyone loses their teeth due to poor care. You sir are a fount of NO knowledge.

Your mouth runs like a toliet and no respectable Republican would claim you. Enough out of you.


Before you make such judgements, you should know that there are many reasons some people need more affordable ways to have dental work done. In my case, the insurance offered through my wife's employer is very limited in what they pay.

I am a cancer survivor who lost several teeth from the chemotherapy, radiation and pain medications needed to stay alive.

I also was forced to take early retirement due to.mh illness which had very negative results in all.things financial. People who.have not experienced such life changing events might want to think before you call people cheapskates!

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