Ellijay, Georgia

I went to afforable dentures in chatanooga tn. where they rush you through like cattle.

taking money even before the impression is made. my first attempt for new top denture. I was talked onto a reline,160.00 did not last. Second attempt, impression was made early in morn.

Was sent away 8 hrs. without any teeth(they kept my old dentures) went back at 3:00 and when they came in for me to try on I couldnt talk with these new set of dentures. They had such a thick palet my tongue had no place to go. Dr.

said they must not be mine. He said normally wouldnt give a refund but would this time. It was their fault.

I got my refund and got the H--- out of there. Would never consider trying them again.

Monetary Loss: $450.

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