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Please know that Dr. Edward’s one of the original owners was a man that recognized there was a great need for the Affordable Dentures Model.

Be informed and active in your treatment.

The practice owner are really there to provide the best service possible in a short period of time.

Ask questions and give your dentist the opportunity to provide quality care to you. Communication is the key to quality care !

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Neither Dr. Edward nor any other dentist is the "original" owner.

Affordable Dentures owns the offices. It is a corporation based in North Carolina. It takes at least five appointments to make really good dentures. AD is a mass fabrication shop.

Expect to get mediocre dentures there at best. They just don't have time to make top-notch dentures personalized to your face, so don't expect it. Some people can wear their dentures; others cannot.

It is a roll of the dice. Feel lucky?

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