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How does this company keep sucking consumers in? I have been sick for two years not knowing why, I have spent over 5000 on tests, dr's appts, labs, medications, a sleep study and CT scan.

Never getting answers except "U are depressed" I went to neuro who found I have TMJ he sent me to dentist who found I have nerve damage in my face from my lips trying to close over too big dentures. Now I have to spend 2600 on new ones. The quality of the affordable dentures is really shoddy. I have had teeth fall out and when I called them to tell them it fell out while I was eating a cookie the receptionist said "I am sure you dropped them in the sink" and then told mme it would be 120$ to fix it, and they were only two months old, I thought they were covered for a year!

I took to my local dentist and he repaired for 40.00 and stated they were pretty cheap. I am angry that I have suffered facial damage and now know it was due to over stretching of my upper lip and TMJ due to ill fitting teeth. I would never go to AD ever again and do not recommend it.

for a few hundred bucks more you can get a good set at a good dentist. My dentist said I may have permanent damage!

Review about: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Monetary Loss: $590.

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Madison, Alabama, United States #565564

u people are crazy a denture causes permenant facial damage get out of here please if it was that bad why keep goin back or can u not tell a denture is streching ur face god some people are just dumb u cant fix ***


I am so sorry. I am going through the Same thing right now. I have to have surgery but will have permanent damage.

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