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Yeah..Old Doc Selders is still there with the same rude, uncaring and impersonable attitude he showed the posters here. Rammed a big old needle in my mouth so fast and rudely without one iota of compassion.

Never greeted or said a word, for the most part, even when I tried to be cordial. Then he ripped out a few teeth and I swear it was under 20 seconds. The tool he used I had never seen before and looked like a small rib spreader. I heard some bones, or teeth crunching and I am hoping he didn't leave me with some real discomfort and agony down the road..It remains to be seen as it was only yesterday.

The temp denture seems tight and isn't creating a problem for me as of yet. Although they do seem big and I am choking and gagging on them some, even though I wore a partial for 35 years or more, but they do look nice. But then again the remaining chiclets and partial, I was sporting for years were pretty darn awful and even a toothless mouth with no replacement would likely have been better. Most of the office staff, including Dr Selders could sure use a few lessons in interpersonal skills as they are in a customers service oriented business.

It would probably help their reviews and promote a little more business. Although It seemed as though the doc was a little more friendly to people who weren't old white people as I could hear him interacting with others before me. Maybe he is just a bit racist? LOL I have to see if I can search that "tool" he used on me.

I don't think he could have gotten those teeth any faster with a ball peen hammer... ;p

Review about: Affordable Dentures Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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