"Dr"Jennifer out of Bedford Va is an awful "dentist" no social skills what so ever. Doesn't even greet you when she comes in the rat hole of a room that your waiting in for this Monster to come torture you.There is no instruments that a regular dentist would use in sight...WTF??

After all the rudeness and her torture, I left but not before getting a refund ,she is a rude and very ugly person who clearly is in the wrong profession she clearly has no idea what she is doing. Apparently her motto is get'me in and get'em out. Doesn't go over any precedure she is about to do And her assistants follow here lead very well. What Devil Woman SAYS apparently goes.

She isn't conconered about how much pain you're in ..just how much money she can make.

If she treats the elderly like she did me she could easily be sued for abuse and she Should Be!!Moving you in and out as fast as possible Clearly not having another thought as to your discomfort or goofy look you wearing around thanks to her "compassionate and professional work"What a joke her license should be taken immediately . There is no way I would suggest this place to my worst enemy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Roanoke, Virginia

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Doctor sako at affrodable and her assistent at affordable dentures in bedford va is rude dissrespectfull. She shows no concearn. For her patients she shoved the mold into my mouth choking me when i stated i could not breath she stated you can breath shut up she never checked ti see if my dentures fit she and her obiest assistent shoved me out the door i filed a formal complaint with the bbb and the board of dentest she should never be allowed to practice dentistry


Affordable Dentures corporate office is fully aware of how awful this dentist. I used to work for them, so I know.

Many, many patients call in and complain about her. She has a reputation for being cruel and nasty, and yelling at patients. She kicks patients out of her office.

Corporate is well aware of this issue. They truly don't care, unfortunately.

It's very sad but true. They only care about revenue for the dentist, or getting other dentists to open practices.

She should be reported to the ADA.


I hope she has NO CLIENTELE after all her bad reviews!!! If I lived down there I would visit her in person to tell her to her face what a retched person she is to make people feel horrible about an already *** situation!!

You DO NOT deserve to be in business!

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