Tallahassee, Florida

after have a exam and a pan done for me and my husband (over 300 bucks) i returned to the dentist to have a extraction of 1 tooth after getting me numb he said since i was numbed up that he was going to go ahead and get the one next to it (witch i was NOT there but for 1 tooth) he pulled both of them and i payed 90 (due to NOT having any insurance) all this was to be paid out of pocket he gave me antibotics and pain meds and sent me on my way AFTER i had been talked to like a dog and lies told (said that i had asked for pain meds for over 10 times ) now i am laying in the chair with his hands all in my mouth (no way i had asked for anything) she was just being a b**** and after i got out in the waiting room dianne came out and said i OWED for the other tooth that was extracted i said whooo whoaaa i dident come here for 2 teeth to be extracted i would be happy to pay for the one i had pulled and i got told (ok ok ok ok) and was waved off and got told whatever and just for spite the girl in the back lowered my pain meds to a lower dose than before (my whole mouth was infected down to my jaw)

after getting treated like that i called the girl in the front office and told her that I WAS HUMAN that i never claimed to be the princess of whales but that i was going to be treated right.

after returning to him the following week (butter wouldent melt in their mouths) very nice polite but that was just that once

after returning back again i had a 2:30 pm appointment after arriving about 2:15 i walked to the front door and it was locked

i assumed that they had not returned from lunch yet so i waited outside in front of the office

there was another gemtleman that had arrived just at the same time as me and he asked why the door was locked i told him i dident know that they must be running late comming back from lunch

he put a call into the office number and they answered and diane came and unlocked the door for him and closed it back and locked it behind her AFTER the fact she looked right at me

so i waitied and FINALLY at nearly 3:00 diane came back out and unlocked the door and stood there and did a dance shaking her hips back and forth and said "we got ya taken care of" when i told her good that i had a appoiment at 2:30 she propped her hands on her hips and stearnly said "NO YOU DONT" I SAID UMMM YES I DO and after going back and forth with that for about 5 mins she said well i will just go ask april i said see that you do that she told me that the dentist had left and was NOT there

and STILL was not allowed inside the office

april came out and told me that i would have to resechule that they had closed DUE TO THE WEATHER (it came a little thunderstorm) i looked at her and said "you couldent have called me and told me that"? and grant it they had no sign on the door or nothing letting anyone know that they closed due to the weather after that i came home and called the main office and made a complaint....1-800-dentures virginia is who said she was handing all this through e-mails and that for me to CALL april back and she would make me another appointment

after calling april she told me that DR A had told her to refer me to another dentist since they couldent "MEET MY NEEDS"

i said ok ok if you all wanna be like that then i will be by there to pick up my file and my pan and i got told really quick that SINCE I HAD A 90$ BALLANCE THAT THEY STILL OWNED MY PAN AND MY FILE...ohhhhh snap

i called virgina BACK and told her about what happend...i have been waiting a week on my file to come in the mail and no call back about comming in and talking to the dentist that VIRGINA said would take place....they think i am going to go away...not...i am like a bee i fly around before i sting...so whatever you do dont go to AF here in tallahassee florida i will keep you all posted about what happens next !

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