After much research and after dealing with this company for a long time, the following is my honest opinion: This office is setup to scam the elderly out of money through poor quality dentures and intimidation. You can easily research Affordable Dentures online or by calling around to various dentists and asking them why this company is cheaper. Every single dentist we have talked to has told us the same thing. We originally didn't research anything but price and so we found out the hard way. This mistake has cost us thousands of dollars. My mother was humiliated and treated horribly by them not because she argued with them (because she didn't) but because it's their policy to treat people rudely once they have received payment. She now has spent 2 years going to various specialists and receiving physical therapy because of the damage done to her mouth and jaw.

The way they make their money is by running it like a mill: people are rushed through like cattle as fast as possible in shifts. Also, they use very poor quality materials and the employees do not have the training that other dentists require in order to make good fitting dentures. Lastly, once you receive your temporary dentures, they will avoid giving you the 'permanent dentures' or second set at all costs. These 'permanent dentures' are cheesy quality as well but do cost them some money so they will do their very best to put you off no matter how many times you go by or how many months you give them. They will try to make you as miserable as possible so that you will not want to endure the stress and humiliation of talking to them and therefore you'll eventually drop it.

The company has been sued by many, many people because of the poor quality dentures they produce. They use the cheapest low-quality materials that can be found so that the dentures are very brittle and fragile. In order to save money, Affordable Dentures' employees are not properly trained to make decent dentures. You can compare the quality of Affordable Dentures with any other dentures including dentures made in Mexico (I have loved ones who went to Mexico for theirs), and you can see the difference right away. Dentures made by affordable Dentures have uneven plastic so that it'll be way too thick in some places and way too thin in other spots. The dentures are poorly made so they're extremely uncomfortable and cause long-term mouth pain and issues.

Affordable Dentures was started by two doctors in 1975 in order to make a fortune on the elderly.

Dr Charles Meyer Gooss is a horrible excuse for a dentist who greedily feeds on the savings accounts of the elderly (and destroys their mouths in the process).

For some reason, our corrupt government will not stop this. We have to research it and, if we find this type of scam (especially against our elderly), we must do everything we can to protect them. Please do not use this company. But, if you did, you are obligated to let others know. Please "shout it from the rooftops" so that these sick people can go back to picking pockets and snatching purses.

Store Location: Medford, Oregon

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The worst thing that ever happened to me


I know how you feel my boyfriend went there to get all of his teeth pulled. Now we have found parts of teeth left in his mouth.

So he will have to have surgery again causing him to lose out on work and for us to maybe lose our home. Also having to go through pain and suffering again. All because they did not want to do their job right. They where VERY rude once we had paid them.

And it was worse the second time we went in. They suck and we are into a process of talking to a malpractice lawyer. Do not go to affordable dentures.

And I didn't mean to hit *** I AGREE with this post 100%. :(


Please give me your attorney info.Im in Joliet Ill I went to Orland Park terrible.

..Tristabrwn@yahoo.com is my email

.everyone should know ...Power in numbers!


Yes I am very disappointed in affordable dentures too. I am going threw trying to get my permanent dentures to fit.

As of now my uppers are causing me eye pain and upper gum numbness and throbbing . My lowers they can't seem to get them right , so I am forced to wear my temps that are to big but more comfortable then permanent ones. I am going back again for about the 8th time. I won't stop complaining until they get them right.

For the money I paid them I will keep going back until I am satisfied. Wish me luck.


i have an appointment on sept 6 please give me some feedeback for or against for affordable dentures of redlands calif. thanks


OMG! I have been emailing and talking to attorneys about this place!

I have suffered jaw misalignment caused by ill fitting dentures!

For two years and I had no idea it was causing my facial pain and eye pain in right eye, it took several thousand dollars to figure it out, and I am downright angry! YES email me if you are serious about class action suit, I am there!


Pulled eleven teeth, put full upper and lower in my mouth fifteen years ago. No problems till yesterday when upper broke in half.

All in all I'ed say they did a prity good job for the price. My mom paid more than $2000.00 and she couldn't eat corn on the cob, I could and did the next day.


I agree, they do horrible work. I had 8 bottom teeth pulled by the daughter of the founder of this bunch.

The bone and particles were killing me, I had to go to a local dentist and have them removed. Then when I went back to them and complained that I could never wear a plate with my gums in the condition they were in from the way my teeth were pulled, one of the dentist operated and removed (scrapped) some of the bone particles that were prutruding. The last plate given me fitted so poorly it gave me a horribly painful ulcer under the plate. I had to go back and have the plate trimmed down considerably to get it off of the ulcer area.

Even after the surgery, that I now realize should have been done by an oral surgeon, I still will never be able to wear a plate with any comfort until my gums are made right, meaning more major surgery to undo and repair what they've done to me. I go back next week and will have a discussion with them and nicely ask if they are going to pay an oral surgeon to correct what has been done to me. If they refuse, I will immediately report them to the N.C.

Dental Board, and will start trying to get people together to file a class action law suit against this group. If they've caused you major damage, as they did me, please let me know, and I'll find a good lawyer.


Affordable dentures is nothing but a scam. I had a 5unit partial made and I NEVER got my proper partial, was left with nerve damage causing me to have botpx injection, and had to see other dentist to repair damage.

I had to seek legal help.

This place is awful and I have found thousand of complaints, BBB reports, and warnings. I can't believe they are allowed to function.

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