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I went there to get 3 teeth pulled and then three teeth added to my partial plate that already had two teeth but they don't even know how to make a partial plate maybe they know how to play with Play-Doh or something like that but in the real world they suck and they just can't be helped they're Liars and they never gave me my money back that I paid cash I highly recommend that you find someone that is suitable to be called a dentist not this practice

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I chose this place because a set for 695 would have allowed me to upgrade a few years later. Instead I was charged 1095 and when it dawned on me and I questioned why, was told "to cover the 9 month journey to my real set".

Yeah well imagine that not being spoken that all these supposed visits were not included. And besides, they WILL NOT see you before THEY think it's time for an adjustment no matter if you are in extreme pain or anything.


Get an attorney. I am having issues a well with affordable dentures.


You wanted cheap, so you went to a seedy denture mill owned by investors and not dentists.

There are tons of dentists using quality labs who are good at removable partials. Find one.

They don't advertise on TV or the radio.

Incidentally, better idea to save your teeth rather than get them extracted one by one. Every tooth is important just as every finger is important.


Im noticing that ClydeDDS has been going to ALOT of negative reviews about Affordable Dentures and insulting people for using them.

I would say that ClydeDDS is probably being paid by affordable dentures to sit there and publicly humiliate anyone that posts a negative review about them.


I call Affordable Dentures a "seedy denture mill" and you think I am being paid off by them? Get real!

Don't you think a company would want at least a compliment or two if they were PAYING a Pissed Consumer poster?

Can't say much good about this outfit, except it gives cheapskates who never took care of their teeth just about what they are after!

A dentist friend of mine worked there for a short while. He quit when AD assistants started trying to tell him which teeth to extract!


I think you're off in your assumption of keeping teeth. At what cost there clyde??

1500 a tooth? Get a root canal, post, crown and cap for oh say 1500 and then the tooth breaks?? ohhhhh not the dentist fault. Or better yet, 5k for a partial with metal, just grind off the existing teeth until it fits no big deal.

Then when it rocks back and forth don't worry it's the patient's fault. Not anymore, you dentists have done this to your own industry, by ripping people off, going outside normal dental work and using what I call "carpet bagger" techniques. What a joke. lets ask the MIllions of people like myself who grew up with poor dental care, no flouride in the water, bad teeth from jump go who have spent tens of thousands on my teeth, why I hate dentists?

When I wanted them ripped and full plates? Ohhhhh nooooooo you need your teeth, sure to pay for that fancy office, space age x ray equip, and your 400k student loans.............not anymore. S.C.

is where I go, and I have learned to deal with what I get. No more wannabes, with their hand in my pocket.

Now the new scam is "teeth in a day" right, more like, drain the bank to a *** artist.

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