Bought new set of dentures in Oct, 2011 have had to go back 6 times now to have 7 teeth replaced because they keep falling out,they said after the 3rd visit and 4 teeth falling out they would replace the whole set of dentures but have been 3 more times and they have refused to replace the dentures and the dentist is rude and unprofeesional. The dentist said that that is just how dentures are but my first set lasted me 10 years with not problems,they where just getting wore out,so do not waste your money at Affordable Dentures go somewhere else

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Location: Rochester, New York

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My husband is a disabled vet we were at affordable denture twice and still can't get his dentures right. They put them in his mouth tell him thier not right you have to come for a redo.How many time do they get to do it right which they can't.

Very rude people they were laughing at him because he couldn't even talk with them. They told him to wear them as is and couldn't even close his mouth. Very rude to other people in there more concerned when were they going to get to leave. A gal had sat there for 3 hours just asked if they had any clue & receptioist said they don't want to be there either they want to leave as soon as they can and believe they locked the doors right behind you when the last paitent leave.

My husband fought in veitman so they could have freedom and they treat people with so much disrespect this location was in madison on Odana rd. How can you keep coming back once a week just for them not to do it right and laugh cause you a joke to them!!!!!!


I had this same thing happen to me just a few months after I got my dentures at affordable dewntures! I lost a front tooth and when I called them they said I would have to pay 120.00 to have it glued back in!!

I said no they are only three months old and u should fix them free, she said I shouldn't expect 600 dollar dentures to last long, but 3 months???

I took to my local dentist and he repaired for 40.00 and then told me they were very cheap and made of shoddy materials. :cry Don'

t waste your money, I cannot say enough about this place, none of it good.

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