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I had all of my teeth extracted on 8/21/18 and temporary full set of dentures made. I was told there would be some bruising and soreness. I did not expect to look like I got the *** beat out of me by Mike Tyson!

After 3 weeks of heeling time I went back to get the dentures adjusted. The day they adjusted them the teeth fit and I felt no pain. The following day they were loose and painful. I also had a headache and jaw pain since the first day of wearing these dentures. I returned to their office to get adjustments and inform them of the continued headache and pain in my jaw a few times per week with same results. Feel and fit okay when I leave and a few hours later they are loose and painful. I asked the attendant and she said that they were not going to be perfect because they were temporary. My response was that they are temporary for a year. I have mouth and jaw pain, a constant headache and I cannot eat with them because they are crooked. Again, adjust and fine and next day back to the way they were.

Again I go back the following day. I had a new attendant and I asked her why they seem fine the day I go in but then a few hours or the next day they are loose and painful again. She said just a minute and left the room. When she came back she handed me CORA CAINE. I had never heard of it before. She asked me not to say where I got it and told me that it is a denture adhesive with a numbing agent in it. They line the denture with it and it glues and numbs and they feel great until it wears off.

After several weeks of complaining of the constant headache and jaw pain with no relief and the ill fit and painful dentures I went to a local dentist for a 2nd opinion. He said that the baseline of the dentures were off and causing my jaw pain and that the lack of depth to the teeth were the cause of the headaches. I went back to affordable denture with this information and they finally decided that they should make me a new set of teeth. I felt so relieved. I have not been able to eat anything substantial, I could not wear the teeth due to the pain and therefore was not able to leave my house.

I go for the fitting for my new set of dentures. They feel fine and seem to fit. This is a Friday afternoon. Saturday morning I was devastated. I put the top in and immediately felt intense sharp pain. There was a spur on the upper pallet. I put in the lower denture and there was 1/4 inch play of front to back movement. The bottom edge of the denture dug into the lower area of both the inner and outer area of my gums.

The following Monday I go to another local dentist. He took one look at the teeth in my mouth and said that there was no way that these teeth were made to fit you 3 days ago. He told me not to wear them and to get a lawyer.

I went back to affordable dentures that day and asked for my 100 day 100% refund and they refused. They were going to deduct for both sets of teeth and all of my office visits.

So I asked instead if I could transfer to the Burns, TN office. They agreed. I went to my car and called the Burns office and they made me an appointment and while they were getting my personal info they had a call come in and put me on hold. When the receptionist came back to the phone she cancelled my appointment and told me they were no longer taking transfer patients.

So, today, November 12, 2018, I went to see a lawyer. It has been 90 days now since I had my teeth extracted. 90 days with an intense headache. 90 days with intense jaw and mouth pain. 90 days that I have not been able to eat anything but soup, potatoes, yogurt and the like. Today I find out that the 100 day 100% guarantee does not start until you get your final permanent denture. SO FOR 1 YEAR AND 100 DAYS I GET TO HAVE A HEADACHE, JAW AND MOUTH PAIN, NOT BE ABLE TO EAT AND NOT LEAVE MY HOUSE BECAUSE I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO WEAR MY LOOSE FITTING, ILL MADE TORTURE DEVICES.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2685.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Dishonesty, Quality of dentures, Lack of professionalism, Unwillingness to honor purported guarantee, Dismissal of all of my health concerns.

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WANDA K WILES DDS IS AKA KAY WILES DDS AND IS ON PROBATION WITH THE TENNESSEE STAT BOARD OF DENTISTRY FOR THE USE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES AT HER AFFORDABLE DENTURES PRACTICE IN JACKSON, TN Since my horrendous experiences at the hands of this person and her dental practice I have been researching ways to prevent her from seriously harming other people. I have discovered that, Kay Wiles DDS, the name she uses in her practice and on her web pages is not her true and legal name.

Her true and legal name is Wanda Kay Wiles DDS. The importance of this is manifested when I conducted a search of her name on the TN.GOV website in order to check the status of her license. When I entered the name Kay Wiles, no disciplinary actions or probationary periods are listed. However, when I entered the name Wanda K Wiles, all of the information regarding disciplinary actions and the probationary status of her license are listed.

SHE / HER LICENSE IS ON PROBATION UNTIL THE YEAR 2020 you can view all of this at TN.GOV click on "business" in the drop down menu and select license and permits. Click on "Health Professional Boards" then scroll down almost to the bottom of the page and click on "Dentistry". Then scroll down and click on "Licensure". Now click on the blue link "License Verification".

Scroll down and enter her information in the fields. Wanda K Wiles, Jackson, TN 38305. Click submit. Now you will see a page with her license information.

Click the link that says "adverse actions". Now you will see the probationary information about her license. If you look to the column on the far right you will see a link that says "View Board Order". Click that and it will give you the court order.

What the charges were and the stipulations to her probation. As I uncover more information I will be posting more reviews.

to SpuriousStarfish #1602384

Nothing new here. It has always been like this.

Nobody but the most desperate dentists will work in these cheap denture factories where they yank teeth all day. Working in prisons taking out convicts teeth and working at joints like Affordable Dentures are about as low as you could go in the profession. Nobody wants to go to a school of dentistry class reunion and tell classmates he or she is working at Affordable Dentures. Everybody thinks, "Gosh what a loser that guy/gal turned out to be!" So they get dentists on probation, dentists who have bankrupted, dentists who have lost their DEA license, and all manner of undesirables to work there.

Trust me. Any decent dentist who works there will be disgusted, underpaid, and gone in a heartbeat. By the way, Dr.

Wiles is not the owner. These places are owned by corporations, not dentists

to SpuriousStarfish #1609932

I love that you took the time to help others Please keep in contact with me my name is Kay email me at cjkay777@gmail. Com What is your name thank you so much for the All your help Are you a business or a person of concern

to Cjkay777 #1610295

I am just a person that went to their office for teeth extractions and dentures and realized that I am not the only person that they have damaged in this way. I am doing and will continue to do whatever it takes (legally) to prevent them and her from hurting others.


My next door neighbor is a aging dentist who sold his practice and retired. He got bored and wanted a part-time job.

He was very good at oral surgery, so he applied for a part-time job at a nearby Affordable Dentures. He was horrified and quit in no time. When he arrived for work every morning, assistants with only a high school education had looked at patient x-rays and were telling him which teeth to extract. Most of the time it was all the teeth.

They wanted to tell him what surgery to do and what should be charged for it. Naturally, their monthly bonuses were based on the dollar value of treatment done!

to Anonymous #1601214

THAT IS DISGUSTING!!! I am so glad your friend quit!!!

The world needs more people like him. Honorable people that have compassion and decency!!


It is one thing to extract many teeth on a patient suffering from advanced gum disease that has made the teeth very loose. It is quite another to extract many teeth that have no bone loss and long roots.

You would be flabbergasted at how much bone reduction is necessary to extract some teeth. THEN the bone needs to be contoured before the gums are sewn up. Full-mouth extractions on a patient without gum disease is a VERY TRAUMATIC surgery. Bruising is not that uncommon!

That is why is it almost always prudent to leave as many teeth as possible and repair them, than extract them all. Well-made partials are always more stable than complete dentures.

(But you will never get well-made partials at places like Aspen.) Once precious bone is lost during extractions, it is difficult to impossible to get back. Many patients run out of bone and cannot wear dentures by the time they are in their 70s!

to Dental Advocate #1600659

I asked the dentist is I could wear partials and was told that was not an option. I am getting copies of my x-rays today and will post pics i possible.


Extracting permanent teeth, especially upper canines, is very rough surgery for adults 50 or older. That is why we dentists plead with patients to save some teeth rather than extract them all.

Leaving canines and doing root canals on them means so much less trauma to patients. Plus the final denture is so much more stable .

to BreckensteinDMD #1599564

I assure you that I would have preferred your method. I followed every recommendation made by this dentist.

Even though I had seen another dentist that had suggested removal in quadrants, she insisted that a total mouth extraction was fine and that she doe it all the time. No worries.


That complaint is far too long to read in its entirety, sorry.

to Anonymous #1599565

Sorry it is so lengthy, it is dealing with 3 months of lack of concern for my health. To break it down for you in short form.

I paid around $5,000.00 for a badly bruised face, crooked and painful dentures, a pure lack of concern for my complaints of pain and discomfort as well as an intense headache that has lasted over 3 months and the inability to eat solid foods for over 3 months.

They have a 100 day 100% money back guarantee but that doesn't start until you get your permanent denture in a year from the time they rip out your teeth. In other words they can and will make your "temporary denture" in any shoddy manor they so choose and you have no recourse but to accept it and wait a year!


An open bite in the canine and premolar segment on one side is sloppy fabrication, but it would not cause headaches. I have constructed thousands of dentures.

to ClydeDDS #1596560

The reason for the headaches is the negative pressure to the jaw due to the teeth being too short which causes my mouth to force itself to close instead of closing comfortably. This is the reason that they finally agreed to make a 2nd set of unusable dentures.

to SpuriousStarfish #1597173

Never head of "negative jaw pressure" The bite might might be off in other ways, such as a difference between centric relation and centric occlusion, causing a "slide" from one position to the other. But the open bite between 2 or 3 teeth did not cause your pain.

Bite discrepancies are one of the main causes of denture problems. One of the most critical steps of denture fabrication is accurate bite record. But most patients want dentures in a hurry and cheap, so the dentist uses a shortcut technique called a "mush bite." It isn't very accurate.

The proper procedure taught in textbooks is to remove all the BACK teeth, allow a minimum of THREE MONTHS for healing and follow up surgery, THEN take impressions for immediate dentures. It just does not work to remove all the teeth and cram prefabricated dentures in patients' mouths.

to ClydeeDDS #1597456

Changes to the jaw joint – Dentures that don’t fit properly can affect someone’s bite, leading to changes in the jaw joint. In turn, this can result in joint pain, HEADACHES, pain in the neck and/or facial muscles, and can be severe enough to impact day-to-day living.

The "open bite" as you call it caused my mouth upper and lower jaw to set crooked on each other as my jaw searched for a comfortable resting place. Try eating when you chew on your food and it causes the opposite side of your lopsided teeth to pop off the roof of your mouth. The remedy I was given for that by the attendant at Affordable Dentures was to make sure that my food was the same size and to chew on both sides of my mouth equally. Go ahead and try that LOL.

I really do appreciate all of your information. It causes me to realize just how deceptive they were in luring me into their ruse of well fitting, comfortable, nice looking "temporary" dentures. And I would like to say that I spent a total of close to $5,000.00 in total so far. CHEAP?

Maybe for someone like you with a six figure income. That money took me a very long time to save up. Can you tell me where you practice? Maybe I should have a consultation with you and you can see first hand what these are doing to my mouth.

I did obtain another opinion from two separate dentists, both of which hold high standing in the county that I live in. Both said these teeth are what have caused my headaches and, like you, they said that this is very shoddy work.

One of them suggested that I hire a lawyer. I had impressions made prior to any teeth being extracted because they (Affordable Dentures) told me that would make it possible for my bite to be accurate as well as the teeth size when they made my dentures.

to ClydeeDDS #1600914

My comment is for ClydeDDS I am in no way trying to be sarcastic or rude. I am very serious in my question. How do we find a reputable dentist to get quality dentures?

to ClydeeDDS #1601052

In answer to your question about where to find a dentist good at dentures: Usually the really good guys are older and do not advertise. Many are ex-military.

A specialist called like prosthodontist is sure to be good at it, but us guys are likely to be more expensive because of our advanced training The prosthodontic residents in dental schools would also be a good option, and more economical. But there may not be a dental school near you. EVERY dentist is taught to construct complete dentures using good techniques in dental school. The problem is most students only have to construct at most 4 sets of complete dentures to graduate.

It takes years to get really good at fabricating dentures. It is both an art and a science.

When the rules are followed, and some creativity is used, attractive, lifelike, and comfortable dentures USUALLY result. However, there is a subset of humans who can never tolerate dentures, no matter how well they are made.

to ClydeDDS #1601185

Thank you very much! I will be searching now for a prosthodontist .

If you take new patients and are in TN please pm me your information. I very much appreciate your guidance. Another thing that I noticed about the Affordable Dentures in Jackson, TN is that most of the technicians look like they just got out of high school. I was not aware that they worked on the dentures until it was too late.

They are presented as office staff and assistants. Lessons learned :(


Ready to go to a competent dentist yet, instead of an El Cheapo denture factory? No dentist wants to correct another's flawed dentures. That is why it is so important to go to a good dentist to start with, not a flunky who ends up working in a cheap denture factory until he can find a better job.

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