Stay away from Affordable Dentures in Rocky Gap, VA. In summary, FIRST (full) set of dentures--so loose when they put them in my mouth, to keep them from falling out, they had to put in a "soft liner"; SECOND the *** was so BAD the upper and lower teeth didn't even touch on the left side--they said I would have to come back and have them re-made.

Before I got home, the lower plate had rubbed a raw spot on the back side of my gum. Another missed day of work, a 100 mile round trip, and now, I look like I have NO teeth even with the teeth IN, the acylic is so thin, you can see through it in spots and again, can't wear the lower ones. My mother said the teeth they used on the bottom were so small, they looked like animal teeth. These people cannot, I repeat cannot make dentures well.

Save you money, effort and time and go to a REAL dentist.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Store Location: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

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i went to them just yesterday and they gave me a top plate that is to big, the front part sticks out past my nose and sticks my front lip up like i am a HOO FROM HOO VILLE. I am very upset at the way they look and as soon as she put them in my mouth I told her I did not like them and they were making me *** that they were too long in the back also and they werent even touching my gums, she told me That is just the way they are and i would get used to it.

I am not goin to get used to looking like a HOO or wearing a top plate that does not fit my mouth.. i don't know what to do, I have already decided to go to a real dentist to get a real top plate but now its saving up the money AGAIN I was ripped off, I am going to call and ask for a refund since I bought the new denture wearer package and I do not plan on goin back to get anything else from them, I will let them charge me for the plate I have but I would like the 370.00 back to put toward a plate I can wear.


yes you are right cause they done the same thing to me. i now have teeth that are so dum looking i hate to smile.

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