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This place does not care at all for its customers. The woman at the front desk (curly brownish/blond hair) is incredibly rude and on a power trip.

If you so much as question anything she says, she is ready to fight and brings on an attitude. She doesn't care if they have your business or not. When she wouldn't help us, she refused to let me see or talk to anyone else or the dentist himself. She does not wear a name tag nor gives out her name.

We went back multiple times and she gave us the run around making us wait. After she rudely told me that I didn't know their office and corporate policies (which since I don't work there, she's right I don't), I had my husband go so I wouldn't "offend" her and the first thing she said to him was "are you with that girl with the attitude?" What happened to customer service and courteous behavior?

I have called around and you really can get dentures for around the same price with other dentists, dentists who have courteous office staff and take appointments. Don't waste your time, money, or dignity here because they don't treat you with respect at all!

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

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Bad service is one thing but when you are having impressions made fora partial and you begin to choke and beg the assistant to take it out of her mouth and she refuses what do you call that?


I hope there are not that way. How do they keep any business? I hope they don't talk that way to me because they will probably have to call the police.


they made my teeth and they looked like clown teeth i would never go back to that place would be better off getting a pair of hollowen wax teeth teeth where made in 2013 new dentist or not would be glad to send pic of teeth


It's too bad that sites like this exist and will forever ruin the reputation of a business. Since this post in 2011, Affordable Dentures has undergone a "Regime Change" and the new Doctor and staff are nothing short of incredible and lovely as can be.

The accomidate emergency appointments and are always running on time. Yes, the surgery methods are a tad archaic (no full sedation for surgeries... but they do give you halcyon and plenty of novicaine. Despite my nervousness, everything went smoothly and suprizingly quick.

The reason they do things a bit old school is to save you money. We're talking 3,000 for full implant dentures as opposed to 25,000 dollars elsewhere. I did meet with the previous staff and I agree, they were awful... but it just so happened that they were in the process of changing management.

The new doctor is AMAZING and very chill.

I would hate to see his business tarnished because of this review, because the people this customer is speaking of, are no longer employed there. :)


They had a regime change, but prior to that change, they were not very good. Facts are facts.


Was going to make an appt for a friend but she has had a stroke and not very friendly herself so don't think this is the place for her. Margaret Just wondering who you found that was so helpful.


Affordable Dentures in Austin give horible service and very rude comments to consumer do not go.


I’m so tired of reading angry responses to poor reviews on here for “affordable” places. We were not asking for extra special service, we were asking for the basic services needed to get treatment.

When did “affordable” become synonymous with disrespect and rude behavior? Do people who need “affordable” care deserve to be the target of staffers on a power trip? I too have worked in the service industry and have dealt with unhappy customers. I feel that if this woman was a little more patient, or even just nice, any misunderstandings we had could have been resolved.

The staff, instead, comes across very harsh, withheld information (which required us to return multiple times saying it was office, and then, corporate policy), and seemed to have very little respect for anyone on the other side of the table. After our incident at this place, I did a lot more research before taking my father to the next dentist. We were able to find one who gave us the same work we needed done for the same price and with a more personable staff. So all things being equal, you would rather go to a medical facility that treats you with, at best, indifference?

I’m so glad you were able to have a good experience, but we did not, and that’s what reviews on this forum are about. From the research I’ve done since our last visit to this office, your experience doesn’t seem to be the norm.


Cog number 8 billion, being no more.


Just like any franchise, it is only as good as the franchisor. I had my last six teeth extracted, bone removed, and whatever else it took to prepare me for dentures.

I chose the middle priced denture package and, so far, have been quite pleased with both the quality and service associated with this franchisor. I have trouble with a full mouth of teeth now, but that is just because it's been so many years since I had my original teeth. As for the attitude of the staff, I worked in retail sales and noted how so many customers had such a *** attitude themselves. The office sees so many patients and the schedule is busy, but efficient.

Comparable dentures can cost several thousand dollars more, if you want to be pampered like a child and can afford it. Hence the name AFFORDABLE dentures.

I just know that people *** way too much about anything! My experience was very good and I would recommend this franchisor.


Thank you for taking the time to give this review. I was given the name Affordable Dentures but didnt have the # so on-line i went.

I would have made an apt had i not read your review.

She doesn't sound like a very nice person & certainly not professional. Thanks again for having the paying publics "back".

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