Went in June 2 2014 for a full extraction because I had gum infection and disease. Half way through the pulling, I asked the doctor to give me minute, he said, "you aren't going to pass out on me are you?" "If you want we can stop right here and you can go somewhere else." I was sick to my stomach and told him to continue.

I was told to come in anytime for adjustments. I had to go back 2 times. The 3rd time the asst. or whoever she was with an attitude told me I had to come back the next day for a realignment and she wouldn't adjust what I asked.

I had to drive an hour and a half as it was and told her that. She got up and walked out. I made an appt. Went in at 8:30am cause my apt was 8:45.

I went back and they took my teeth and said they needed them to make the alignment. No notice at all, no communication. By 2:15 pm I asked about the wait and was told to go sit down. 4:00 Cops were called when the girl pushed me backwards cause I wanted to talk to doctor.

I had to wait outside the building. At 5:15 I got my dentures.

And they still aren't right. Bottoms keep falling out.

Monetary Loss: $3600.

Store Location: Wilmington, North Carolina

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Can you say what location & which Dentist treated you?


Why did you go to a place like this?

You wanted cheap dentures, that is why.

Constructing dentures is one of the hardest thing we dentists do. It takes many appointments to do the job right.

It takes initial impressions, then final impressions in a custom tray with expensive impression material. It takes an expensive instrument called an articulator to mount the casts in an accurate *** relation. It takes experimentation to get the position of the front and back teeth just right. It takes good lab support, which is expensive.

Even if everything is done perfectly, it will probably take 3 or 4 appointments for adjustments.

But you did not want to pay for any of these very necessary steps. You just wanted a denture as cheap and as fast as possible.

Now you have your cheap denture.

Now you can start over and do what you should have done: find an experienced dentist who owns his own practice who constructs dentures by the books. Get one close to where you live- that way you will not waste so much money on gas.

A quality denture constructed with quality teeth can be relined many times in your lifetime, and will save you money.


I think to respond to someone the way this doctor did was rude. I understand the fact that you get what you pay for but without knowing this persons story or reason as to why they would go somewhere like this and to comment the way it was stated above was wrong.

I myself am looking into a place like this and it is not because I want something cheap and fast. Some people cant afford the high price of this kind of care and cant afford insurance to help with this. I myself am a single mother. In order to get insurance from my job I have to pay 102 per week and then the ded for that plan is $6600.

per year. Insurance is high. I cant afford to get dental work done. Every tooth in my mouth is rotten and needs to be pulled.

I am in pain everyday because of my teeth. Now I have headaches everyday because of my teeth. Do I want to go somewhere cheap like this, NO!

But I also don't want to be in this much pain anymore and I have always been told that if infection from a bad tooth gets into you blood it could kill you. So some people have to do things they don't want to do because the cost of health care and health care insurance is so high.


If you are paying that much for dental insurance your are being ripped off. You would be MUCH better dropping that plan, putting the premiums in a special account earmarked for dentistry, and being able to choose a dentist based on honesty and competence rather than prostituted their ethics to sign an insurance contract.


Such ***. You say its so expensive to run your office but you guys make as much money as real friggin doctors do! Im pretty sure if we could afford your outrageous and ridiculous prices we'd all be smiling big!

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