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Went in to have teeth extracted and BP was high. Was told by staff if it went down below 95 I would be able go ahead.

Once BP dropped to 94 the dentist came in and told me I needed to go to an oral surgeon. I was very upset cuz was told that I would be cleared if I was below 95. Also asked the dentist to speak to my doctor who looks after my heart. She told me she would.

Also they needed payment befor services were performed which I thought was odd. After few day checked with my doctor to see if he had been contacted by dentist and he told me no but I was cleared to have this done in 5 weeks. I had told the dentist and assistance that I had a procedure and they never said anything to me that it was an issue or did they inform the dentist of the fact. So I asked for my payment back and left.

I then called back to reschedule 5weeks from now and was given and attitude from the receptionist. She told me my bussiness was no longer wanted cuz I asked for a refund and she stated that I said I would seek treatment elsewhere which I never said according to family I had with me. Customer service is horriable and they treat u like they a too good and your money is not needed.

I would have people look else where for treatment. Customers should be treated with more respect and given proper medical service.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dental Service.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Good grief, 95 is a pretty low diastolic limit. Ours is 100.

It is nice to be cautious, because lidocaine has epinephrine that raises blood pressure.. You would not want to have a stroke during treatment. Why do you want to have teeth extracted? You need to take care of your teeth instead of having them yanked out.

Forget the corporate chop shop chain clinic.

Find a an honest independent Christian dentist that will treat you competently. Haven't you read a few accounts on this website where patients have had treatment goofed up at Aspen and wound up in the hospital?


Forget the respect and feelings part. Do you really want to deal with someone sketchy and demanding ?

That , I fear, would only be the beginning.

Look at it as divine intervention on your behalf ; allowing you the opportunity to find a practice that has its act together. I don't care about snowflake issues like feelings, I want the job done correctly by someone who knows what they're doing technically and hires a competent staff.

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