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The WORST possible experience imaginable! At best you will be treated like cattle. For starters I would like to say I chose Affordable Dentures because I know several people that had good experiences with them (other locations). However before choosing this location I had several other consultations and had a full understanding of what needed to be done. Which was the same with every dentist I consulted with and consisted of 9 extractions 2 of which were possibly going to be complex depending on how easily they came out and then I would need to be fitted for a full upper denture.

At Dr. Rollins Clary's Affordable Dentures office I was told 4 of my teeth would be complex, so obviously I questioned why they said 4. The answer I got was "its based on the dentists skill level and that if they come out easier than anticipated I would be refunded the difference". Needless to say I proceeded to schedule the procedure. On the day of the procedure I arrived at 8 am to have impressions taken and came back at 1 pm for the procedure they sat me in the chair, numbed me up, and took all 9 teeth out in well under 10 mins all in one piece, Dr. Graham who was the Dr. treating me then came with my dentures and started to put them in my mouth, I tried to stop him because they were too big from the start. He didn't listen to my concern and just shoved them in my mouth anyways and told me its because I'm not used to having back teeth little did he know my concern had nothing to do with my back teeth it was the front that was too big. I looked like Mr. Ed the talking horse, at this point I'm starting to feel very bullied and I'm looking in the little handheld mirror the assistant Lisa gave me also I have a tissue in my hand wiping blood off my face while Lisa is explaining to me that I need to rinse with saltwater for the next few days and then Dr. Graham snatched the tissue out of my hand and proceeded to tell Lisa that I wasn't paying attention to her and she needed to start over who the *** does he think he is and how does he know what I can and can't hear. Then he just walked away never asked me what I thought or how I felt. Lisa handed me a clipboard with some paper so I could write down any questions I was having, my third question to Lisa since she was involved in the procedure was "how many of the extractions were complex" the paper and clipboard were then snatched from my hands and her reply to me was "whatever you were charged for" to me that is not exactly an acceptable answer. But at this time I am being pushed out the door without even scheduling a follow up visit.

The next morning I called into the office because my stitches were falling out and I needed to have the dentures adjusted because they were way too big. I told the woman who answered the phone which was April my concerns she tells me "its ok if your stitches are falling out they dissolve anyways", and that they would need to remake my denture and I would have to wait until Dr. Graham was in the office since he's only there part time so I asked if I could see Dr. Clary instead because I wasn't happy with Dr. Graham. I was told that's not possible I had to see Dr. Graham and that she would call me back shortly with an appt time. Four hours later I called back because I hadn't heard anything yet. Lisa answered the phone at this time and told me Dawn was handling scheduling my appt and put me on hold, I sat on hold for almost 40 minutes before I was hung up on. I tried calling back several times that afternoon with no answer. The next day Dawn calls me at 4:15 and tells me that they won't be treating me anymore and corporate would issue me a partial refund of the "New Denture Wearer Package" which would not be anywhere near enough for me to pay for the remaining treatment or the permanent denture I was supposed to receive from the package I purchased. If this is the kind of experience you want with a Dr. by all means Dr. Clary and Dr. Graham will accommodate you. Also I would like you to know that Dr. Graham also works part time for the Affordable Dentures location in Ocoee, FL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Affordable Dentures Dentures.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $2010.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Affordable Dentures Cons: Staff, Dentures, Cost of extractions, Staff and dentist, I hated it.

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I had 30 teeth removed and they broke my sinus and left a big hole from my sinus into my mouth. And the dentures were way too big never fit right go to aspen


I had 5 front teeth pulled, opted for the sedation. Impressions were taken in the morning, teeth extracted in the afternoon and dentures fitted.

Next day appointment to check fit.

I was extremely m'satisfied every one I dealt with was professional and accomadating. I have referred a number of people and they were all happy.


Your FIRST mistake: You did not take careof your natural teeth, then sought to have them extracted rather than saving a few of them. Your goal was to have the precious teeth God gave you yanked out of your skull.

Your SECOND mistake: Rather than having your teeth extracted and giving your gums time to close and bone to heal before taking impressions weeks later, you chose to have the lab GUESS how your gums might heal and fabricate the denture before any surgery.

This is always a compromise way to make a denture, and is NEVER 100% accurate.

Your THIRD mistake: To do this very difficult and demanding procedure, you chose a sleazy cut-rate corporate chain rather than an experienced dentist who owned his own practice.

I know a competent dentist who worked for this chain for a short time before he quit. He told me unbelievable stories like the assistants planned and priced the extraction, and just ordered my friend to extract them.

If you had told me that you went to this joint and everything went perfectly, then I would be amazed.

@Seasoned Dentist

My teeth were busted out but thanks for your assumption!! Secondly the denture I have now is an immediate denture designed for the period of healing but made with no care.

Thirdly I couldn't afford the Dentists that had privately owned practice. But thanks for your concern.


Unbelievable what this dentist (?) said to you. Your god given teeth?

Some people are genetically predisposed to peridontal disease, no matter HOW much care they put into their teeth or HOW much prevention they get from dental care.

Indeed, they charge way way too much, what is the average person supposed to do?

Rob a bank? Health care in the USA SUCKS.

I'm a pissed consumer with dental insurance, pissed at "great expressions" in Lehigh Acres, where they can't just pull a freaking tooth that's half out already and go with the 55 dollar copay.

They have to claim it's "surgical" and charge 60 copay, but then want to do some collagen bone implant in there where the pulled tooth was for 140, NOT covered by insurance - when that is 100% NOT NECESSARY.


In many years of practice, I have never yet met a patient who lost his teeth to periodontal disease who came faithfully every 3 to 4 months for cleanings.Just doesn't happen. Nobody is genetically pre-destined to lose their teeth.

What are people with limited incomes supposed to do?

Go to dental schools or dental hygiene schools, where treatment costs about 66% less. But still visit a regular dentist at least once a year. Paying $130 going to kill you?

You think dental care in the USA stinks?

Try the national dental system in England, where you wait months from crumby dental treatment.

Not surprising you had trouble at another corporate chain, Great Expressions. Same old story, every time. Patients go to sleazy corporate clinics to try to save a dime, then get more damage done than help.

Why? Because investors who own these cheesy corporate outfits hire inexperienced young graduates and overbook them.


One other thing. SUE them.


If your teeth were "busted out," why did they need to extract them? If you meant that only the tops were broken, why did you want the teeth extracted, rather than repaired?

Even roots would have been useful in maintaining bone and supporting a denture or partial. Of course, the people that work in a corporate tooth-pulling emporium wouldn't know that.

@Seasoned Dentist

Don't listen to Seasoned Dentist, he is just a troll that is angry he no longer gets patients. He runs his pie hole on everybody but himself but won't name his practice


I was going too say the same thing. He doesn't know what happened to your teeth.

Plus not everyone can afford to pay or see a Dentist that has there own practice.

I have met life Dental insurance and still can't afford to get Dentures. This seasoned Dentist sounds like a ritch ***.

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